Is The Constitution Worth The Paper It’s Written on Anymore?

Does Anyone Know What The Bill of Rights Are?

Is The Constitution Worth The Paper It’s Written on Anymore?
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When I read things on the internet like “happy 2013th Birthday America” on the 4th of July it makes me want to launch my laptop across the room. After reading this I asked 3 of my children “what is the 1st amendment?” only 1 of the 3 knew the answer. When I asked them “what happened in 1776?” I got 3 ridiculous answers. These are teenage children that live with me, the guy constantly ranting about our rights being taken away and complaining about the government, this tells me I still have some work to do. What about the children who’s parents never talk about our constitution and our rights? Do the parents even know their rights?

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In my opinion our education system is not at fault, it is our fault. As a society we have treated the constitution as a suggestion of our rights rather than a bill of rights, and our “elected” government officials ignore it all together. The second amendment is about more than just gun control, it’s about our right to defend ourselves, from a corrupt government and anyone impeding on our rights. As our rights slowly get taken away from us we lose more than “the right to bear arms” we set the precedent for our other rights to be taken away slowly until our government becomes exactly what our founding fathers fought to get away from.

If people don’t even know what the first amendment is, do they know they have not only the right to question the government, but the responsibility to do so? Have we become such a complaisant society that we just ignore the elephant in the room? (Pun intended)

The Right Man For The Job

Is there anyone left that will make a stand and defend their rights like our founding fathers did? Throughout history men like Samuel Adams and John Hancock had the courage to stand up for their rights by starting the Boston tea party, Abraham Lincoln could possibly be the last president that actually had the US citizen interests in mind and fought for them, and a man named Martin Luther King Died for what he believed in.

Are we just not to the breaking point yet? Does it need to become a SHTF scenario before people wake up?

I think so, because unfortunately that’s the way it has always been. As people, we just deal with situations and try to keep things as “normal” as possible. We don’t worry about a water shortage because we can get water anytime we want, we don’t have time to garden because Walmart is right down the street. We work hard to have the lifestyle we have and we don’t want to rock the boat, until the boat starts to sink and we have no choice. Well this boat has a bunch of holes in it, and eventually we are not going to be able to plug them with our fingers, eventually we will need to bail out and fight for our lives.

Too Big For Our Britches

As you look throughout history you begin to see a reoccurring theme, Country’s that let the government grow to the point where they think they have supreme power and can take whatever they want fall…100% of the time.

The Roman Empire lasted about 500 years until it began its decline because of greed and corruption. The Roman Empire was not all that different from what Hitler had in mind for world domination, but the bigger that Rome grew, the more corruption grew, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, sound familiar. I’m not saying the United States is doing the same thing as the Nazi’s, but the people of Germany had the wool pulled over their eyes for quite some time until the allies stepped in and stopped Hitler and the spread of socialism.

Is The End Really The End?

Just like Rome, Greece and the Chinese Empire, we too will fall. But these countries did not disappear; they just got put in their place. When you take a look at the countries that don’t need to have their fingers in everything and “fly under the radar” you usually see a stable country, stable because they are more concerned about what is going on in their own backyard rather than worrying about what the neighbors are doing and creating enemy’s.

I don’t believe that doomsday will be the end of the world; if I did there would be no point in prepping. If an asteroid hits anywhere close to my house…I’m hosed! Unless I can figure out a way to make an asteroid shield out of soup cans that is. The end of the world to me means starting from zero and building a country that doesn’t need to be everyone’s big brother, just like way back in 1776.

Keep Your Hands To Yourself

The constitution may have been written over 200 years ago, by men and women who lived an entirely different lifestyle than we do, but that does not mean that the constitution is not worth the paper it is written on. People have been fighting for human rights even before Jesus walked this planet, and will continue to do so as long as we live here. At its core the constitution was written to set rules for the government to follow, rules that should still apply today. And it is our duty to hold our government accountable to these rules or we are destined to suffer the same fate as all of the other empires throughout history.

I think we need someone like Martin Luther king, someone like Jesus that truly has our best interests in mind, that we can really behind and fight for what we believe in. I think it’s time the “lifetime politicians” are taken out of office and this country is taken from the big business’s and given back to “we the people.” Will this happen anytime soon? Probably not, there are just not enough of us out there with our eyes open yet.

These are just my opinion, and as of today I still have that right, just as you have the right to disagree with me. Agree or disagree, let me know in the comments below.



  1. Momma Kathy says

    I’ve lived to be 70 and have seen much that you speak about. My parents lived through the great depression, having been born in 1900 and 1905 respectively. What you say is true, and we are reaping the consequences (or going through the stages). I truly believe we are on the edge of the 4th stage now. I too believe we need to get our noses out of other people’s business, mind our own, and prepare for a hard fall. SOON

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