The following is a guest post from Dan Sullivan:
10 Everyday Items You Can Use for Self DefenseI don’t think I need to tell you why you need to know these everyday items you can use for self-defense, right? Whether or not you have a gun, pepper spray or even a taser, you still need to know these.

Maybe you won’t be able to reach your gun. Maybe you forgot your pepper spray at home, in your other purse. When the bad guy’s breathing down your neck, you may be too shocked to become creative.

That’s why I invite you to not only read and remember the alternative self-defense weapons below but to also imagine yourself using them. Some of them are already part of your everyday carry, others may need to be added or you may need find them on the spot.

Here we go!

#1. A pen

The trick to using a pen (or any pointy, elongated object of similar size) is to either extend your index finger over it OR to hold it between your index and middle fingers and start throwing punches. Of course, you need to know how to at least throw a punch but, in this particular case, you need to aim for a vulnerable point.

Hitting the guy in the chest is nothing compared to what you can do to him if you aim for the eyes, ears, nose, collar bone, floating ribs and so on.

#2. Your keys

Everyone has their keys on them when they’re out which means everyone has a self-defense weapon that will always be legal to carry. Keep one of the key in the palm of your hand with the index finger extended over the biggest one and the other keys secured inside your fist. Aim for the eye or try to leave a huge scarf across the cheek when you use it.

#3. High heels

High heels can set you free if your attacker grabs you from behind. You just need to kick him as hard as you can either in his feet or his groin (depending on his size) and to keep doing it as long as you can continue hitting him.

What I’m trying to say is, you need to form the reflex of hitting hard and fast as opposed to taking one )good shot (as you would with your keys, for example.

#4. A lollipop

This is a funny object to use yet very effective. The plastic lollipop stick is very strong and could create some serious injuries if you hold it between your index and middle fingers with the hard candy inside your fist while you start throwing punches. Sweet but lethal.

#5. Change

Who would have thought that the change you have in your pockets could save your life? It might just give you those 2-3 seconds you need to escape your attacker…

It’s always good to have change in your pockets, particularly in urban scenarios. You might need to use it when SHTF to get things such as water and energy bars from vending machines on your way home or to your bug out location.

#6. A mug

As I raise my eyes, I see three mugs sitting next to each-other in front of me. If an attacker were to show up right this instant, I would definitely go for the biggest one, then probably throw the other two as I head for the door to the bathroom (which is right next to them) and then out the window (yes, I can fit).

If you don’t have mugs handy, I suggest you start drinking coffee. Or tea. J

#7. Ash trays

Ash trays may not be as heavy as mugs but some of them have really sharp corners that could potentially spill some blood if you throw them well.

I have one next to my mugs even though I don’t smoke and I’m proud to say it has some pretty sharp angles because it’s actually triangle shaped! (The odd shape of it can actually allow me to use it as a knife, now that I think about it.)

#8. Coffee or tea

No, I’m not suggesting you ask your attacker that but if you have a hot beverage next to you, throwing it in his face will surely cause slow him down.

#9. Any kind of rope

You can always find ropes and cords to try and choke your victim or, at least, to tie one if his limbs just long enough to escape. Think computer cords, cell-phone chargers, belts and even floss.

#10. Your mouth

Attackers are humans so playing with their mind is always an option (as long as it’s not covered by duct tape). Most burglars, for instance, never enter a home unless they see an open door or window, making them afraid, hesitant and weak. When you show strength by talking in an assertive manner, he’s going to feel pressure and even start being afraid.

Always talk with a loud voice because it gets him thinking that your neighbors might hear you. Never comply unless he insists; many victims have done that and put themselves in very weak positions which ultimately got them killed.

Play with his mind and remember that most of them have low IQs. Always ask him to let you go leave. Call it subliminal but asserting yourself this way could get your attacker self-conscious which could lead them to having less demands and even make mistakes.


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    3 replies to "10 Everyday Items You Can Use for Self Defense"

    • BJ

      Interesting points, sir!

      ‘re: placing your index finger over the pen or largest key, do you mean to reinforce a poking-like strike? I am concerned as a slight shift or inaccuracy could result in a dislocated or broken finger.

      Similarly, the method suggested for the keychain seems like it has the potential to cause self-employed damage in the course of defense. Even brass knuckles, if not used properly, can have the same risk.

      Certainly, these techniques are much better than not fighting back at all!

      Personally, I feel a Hammerstein type of grip on a pen or Sharpie is more stable and intuitive. If possible, basic training or exposure to Kubota or Koppel stick techniques would be best.

      I would also suggest having one, large fob or similar grippable object on a keychain and (assuming there are enough keys on the keyring)
      using the keychain as a type of mini-flail.

      Thank you for the post. . It is very helpful and informative.

      Happy prepping!


    • Kimberly Lafuente

      Thanks for the practical advice I’ve thought of a few of theses myself but its good to hear from others on whats probably the most effective!!

    • Rob Bell

      Great ideas and wasps spray 20 foot spray is good

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