20 Must Read Prepper Websites

20 Prepper Websites To Bookmark

As I do research for this website I come across quite a few other preparedness and survival websites. I’m sure you are just like me and are constantly looking for information about current events and trying to stay one step ahead of the game. Not only am I trying to stay up to date I am constantly looking for ways to educate myself about how to survive when something catastrophic happens. So I put together this list to share with you some of the best websites out there (in my opinion) that offer real value without all the fluff and hype.

Prepper Websites To Bookmark

This list is not in any certain order because all of these websites have something different to offer.

Prepper Website – This is probably the first website I go to on a daily basis. This is a news aggregation website and Todd is always adding content from the best websites around the web. You will probably find some other website that you love that are not on this list. Click Here To Visit Prepper Website.

Off grid News – This website covers a wide verity of topics like Living off the grid, learning to garden or become self sufficient, current events and self defense.  Off grid News also offers new videos daily and a great weekly radio show. Click here to visit Off Grid News.

American Preppers Network – Along with great information about learning to be self-reliant you will also find a forum at this website. I’m not sure about you but I love forums, you can get real perspective from real people who are interested in the same thing as you…surviving. Click here to visit American Preppers Network.

The Survival Mom – You have probably heard of this website before, and if you haven’t go now! Lisa’s website is definitely in my top 10 websites because she really runs the gambit when it comes to prepping. whether you are a beginning prepper or have been doing it for a while you’ll love the site. She is the Oprah of preppers. Click Here To Visit The Survival Mom.

Off Grid Survival – These guys are a little more hard core when it comes to prepping. This website tells it like it is and offers advice for survival, self defense and the latest news. Click Here To Visit Off Grid Survival.

Organized Prepper –This website is not only a great place to get to get your prepping supplies but Brian’s blog (Getting Prepped) and David’s blog ( Always Prepping…Never Ready) the website offers good advice for beginning preppers and seasoned preppers as well. Click Here To Visit Organized Prepper.

Survival Pulse – This website has quite a bit of great information, just like the Prepper Website Survival Pulse offers daily updates with some of the best and most current prepping and survival articles around the internet. Click Here To Visit Survival Pulse.

The Homestead Survival – If your looking for doom and gloom, you won’t find it here. this website is all about learning the skills you might need in the future. And even if we don’t, they are still good skills to have. Click Here To Visit The Homestead Survival.

Suburban Prepper – I like this website because I am the person they write about, I live 30 miles outside of Denver away from the “big city” but not so far away I can not still be affected by it. Have a look at their about page and see if you might be interested too. Click Here To Visit Suburban Prepper.

Survival And Prosperity – Want to learn how to survive in the wild or build a bunker? This is the place to go. If you want to learn how to protect the money you have or are interested in investing is gold or silver have a look. Click Here To Visit Survival And Prosperity.

My Family Survival Plan – Everyone should be concerned about the survival and well being of their family, I know I am. This website will give you some advice on how to do that. Click Here To Visit My Family Survival Plan.

Bacon And Eggs – Get back to the simple life. This website is not about surviving a zombie apocalypse so if you want that you will have to look elsewhere. But if you want recipes, tips on gardening and tips on storing food this is the website for you. Click Here To Visit Bacon And Eggs.

The Prepared Ninja – What is this site about? Not ninja’s, it is about emergency preparedness and to help anyone to get prepared for any disaster or emergency. The owner of this blog is a US Army Veteran and outdoorsman but sorry guys, not a ninja. Click Here To Visit The Prepared Ninja.

The Art Of Surviving – This Website is all about surviving in a wilderness situation. This could become a very needed skill to have in the future. You never know when something will happen that requires you to use some of these skills. He also has a forum that is fairly new (at the time of this post) but given time should be a great resource for all preppers. Click Here To Visit The Art Of Surviving.

Point Blank Radio – For anyone who is interested in the NWO or or an economic collapse this is a good website. I must admit there is a section of this website that is called “the unexplained” that interests me although I try not to go overboard :). Click Here To Visit Point Blank Radio.

Survival Life – Survival life is just what it sounds like, survival skills.You can learn how to build a stove out of a tin can and other ways to be self sufficient. Click Here To Visit Survival Life.

Willow Haven Outdoors – Survival is not only about having the skills to build a shelter or tie a knot, it is also about your mental ability to handle tough situations. This website gives you a little of both. Click Here To Visit Willow Haven Outdoors.

Space Coast Preppers – This website is just cool! There are meetups, an active forum, videos and you name it, it’s probably there. Click Here To Visit Space Coast Preppers.

Knowledge Weighs Nothing – As their website says “Tips, Tutorials and Reviews on Homesteading, Survival Skills, Prepping & Self-Sufficiency.” This site is a great resource for and prepper or survivalist. There is definitely some valuable information about prepping available on this website. Click Here To Visit Knowledge Weighs Nothing.

Back Woods Home Magazine – This website is all about self reliance, homesteading and going back to the basics. In the case of an economic collapse or some other catastrophe that brings this country to its knees you will need skills like these…why not learn them now. Click Here To Visit Back Woods Home Magazine.

This is a list of 20 website that I use on a regular basis. While it is nowhere near a complete list it is a good starting point for any beginning prepper and a good way to stay away from all the websites that have their own agenda in mind.

This list is only 20 websites to bookmark and we all know there are many more, if there are any sites that I missed or are valuable to you please leave a comment below, you would be helping me as well as the rest of the prepping community.