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“98 Uses For A Bandana”


I have no idea…Because I wanted to I guess.

As ridicules as some of these my be, there are quite a few different uses for a bandana. Not all of these are for survival but in a tough situation you would be surprised how fast you turn into McGuyver. The reason for this post is to show that even the simplest thing such as a bandana can have many different uses.

Plus, I wanted to see if I could get to 100…almost!

Bandanas have been around for so long, and for a good reason, there are so many uses for this little square piece of material. Some of my ideas are funny, some are very helpful. But over all, this list gives some of the many uses a bandana has.

So here we go…

  1. A wind/dust mask
  2. Hobble a pack animal
  3. Soak in water and use as a neckband to keep cool
  4. Whisk away pestering insects
  5. Tuck under back of hat to keep sun off
  6. A backpacking strainer for pasta
  7. Pre-filter water
  8. Gather wild blueberries in it
  9. Mark territory in the woods
  10. As a blindfold to sleep past dawn
  11. To tie extra stuff to a backpack
  12. Trail marker
  13. Cover your face for a daytime nap
  14. Tie together and twist for a rope
  15. Emergency repair for a strap on a pack
  16. Dry feet after fording a stream
  17. Plug nose after encountering a skunk
  18. Occupied sign on an outhouse
  19. To check wind direction
  20. Tie around head to keep hairpiece from blowing down the trail
  21. All-terrain sitting cloth
  22. Sending smoke signals
  23. Distract a charging animal
  24. Flag a passing motorist
  25. Flag down a taxi
  26. Cheer at a parade or sporting event
  27. Tie to the car antenna for easy spotting
  28. Tie to luggage for easy spotting
  29. Scarf or neckerchief
  30. Handkerchief
  31. Headband
  32. Tie together for a belt
  33. Add a piece of cord for a halter-top
  34. Emergency swim trunks, two for a bikini
  35. Makeshift hat (knot at each corner)
  36. Mask for robbing stagecoaches and banks
  37. Earmuffs
  38. Hatband
  39. Pocket protector
  40. Hobo pack
  41. Apron
  42. Shine shoes
  43. A patch
  44. Tuck in chest pocket of tux for a rustic look
  45. To lead a line dance
  46. Blindfold for Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  47. Tie skis together to carry
  48. Kite tail
  49. A flag for capture the flag
  50. Slingshot
  51. A net to gather minnows for bait
  52. Mark home base line
  53. Relay baton
  54. To wipe sweaty hands when the chalk bag is empty
  55. Parachute for Barbie or Ken
  56. Plug sink drain
  57. Bib or lap napkin
  58. Placemat or tablecloth
  59. Open a stuck jar
  60. Cover exposed food
  61. Coffee filter or tea strainer
  62. Salad spinner
  63. Potholder
  64. Scrub dishes
  65. Moisten and wrap biscuits, pancakes to keep from going stale
  66. Polish fruit
  67. Blow your nose
  68. Muffle a sneeze or cover a cough
  69. Clean eyeglasses
  70. Bookmark
  71. Cover a book
  72. Wrap a gift
  73. Give as a gift
  74. Dog collar
  75. Muzzle a dog
  76. Fill with catnip
  77. Cat cape
  78. Disguise your voice on the phone
  79. Doll blanket
  80. Make into a doll
  81. Fly swatter
  82. Garden hose repair
  83. To handle a hot radiator cap or check the oil
  84. Replacement gas cap
  85. Car window shade
  86. Decorate the Christmas tree
  87. Stuff to make a pillow
  88. Polish the car
  89. Blanket for the Chihuahua
  90. As a sling for an injured arm
  91. Wrap a sprained ankle or wrist
  92. To secure a splint on a broken arm or leg
  93. Warning flag
  94. Surrender flag (make sure it’s white)
  95. Emergency diaper
  96. Wrap around snow or ice for an ice pack
  97. As a strangle to capture the “bad guys”
  98. As handcuffs to tie up the “bad guys”

Here is a video with some other practical uses for a bandana. My next list might be about Duct Tape.

OK, It’s not really a complete “survival” list for sure, but a lot of uses nonetheless. If I was starving I don’t think my chihuahua would need a blanket…Just saying.


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    3 replies to "98 Uses For A Bandana"

    • Mary Jo Clancy

      99. Emergency sanitary napkin/feminine hygiene product
      100. Over a lampshade to darken a room.

      • Dave Sticha

        Nice! My OCD thanks you for making it an even 100. 🙂
        If you upgrade to a larger size bandana, scarf, shemagh, furoshiki etc you can easily conceive of 1000 uses I’ll bet.
        Here are a few examples with pictures!
        papoose, backpack, shoulder bag, tablecloth, sling, ground blind, tote, ground cloth, leash, even a hobo bindle!

    • Diana Davies

      We were taught how to use a bandana as a tourniquet, ankle brace, pressure bandage,splint cushion, splint tie and, if it’s big enough, a sling, when I took first aid as an 11 year old!

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