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My wife Lisa and I have been interested in survival and preparedness for some time now and decided to become a little more public about it over a decade ago. We noticed that because of shows like Doomsday Preppers, anyone interested in preparedness was labeled as such.

We want to educate everyone about some of the real scenarios that are possible in the world we live in today. Everyone knows that an earthquake or hurricane can cause millions in damage and loss of life, but how many people are paying attention to the other threats that are happening outside their front door?

why we do this...

The term "Prepper" was becoming derogatory. If you happen to mention it to anyone, they immediately tag you as a wacko doomsday prepper and stop listening to what you have to say. History has repeatedly shown us that we are not invincible as people, civilizations, or an entire planet.

Could we be wasting our time and money? Maybe. Could everything collapse tomorrow, destroying life as we know it? while unlikely, It is possible, and we'll be better prepared than everyone caught off guard and unprepared for whatever events unfold.

What Is Our Philosophy On Survival And Prepping?

You might hear people talking about how you need to be in the middle of nowhere with $100,000 worth of guns and ammunition and a highly fortified perimeter around your property, but this is impossible for the average person on a budget.

Our philosophy on being prepared is being educated about what you will need to do, considering the environment you live in. A good survival plan is not just how many guns you have or how ample your food supply is; a good survival plan depends on how well prepared you are to defend those things you have and keep the supplies you rely on for survival.

Most of us cannot spend every extra dollar we have on expensive guns, ammo, MRE's or underground bunkers. But we can learn how to survive when all the modern conveniences are taken away.

Another thing we noticed is that preparedness has created a big business opportunity, and sometimes not in a good way. We saw that quite a few websites were taking advantage of people's fears and trying to get them to buy something before they had time to think about it. And excuse my language, but they don't give a damn if it helps you become better prepared or not.

You have probably seen this or even fallen victim to it; I know I have. Here are a few lines these people will try to use on you.

"Get the information they don't want you to know"

These people do not have access to top-secret information. If "they" don't want you to know, you won't.

"This could save your life"

While this might be true, you can probably find all the information they will try to sell you for $100 on the internet for free. Most of the time, you regret your purchase and feel like you just got scammed.

"Buy this before it's too late"

As far as I know, no one has a crystal ball, and none of us know when and what might happen in the future; we just want to be ready if it does. These people do this because they don't want you to think about it before you buy it. After all, you will probably change your mind.

Lisa and I decided to create SurvivalistPrepper.net, The Bug Out Location, the Podcast, and the SHTFShop.com to show people that most preppers and survivalists are not the people you see on TV.

We are ordinary people who have opened their eyes to how fragile society is. Not everyone is preparing for a nuclear attack; some people prepare for natural disasters or when life throws them a curve ball.

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Take Care & Prepare,

Lisa & Dale