Bugged Out - Off the Grid

  • Learn what it takes to successfully bug out.
  • Navigation, evasion tactics, living off the grid and more.
  • Let us know what you want us to add.
  • Access a new module every week until complete.
  • Downloadable audio and PDF files/.
  • Come back anytime you like and get a refresher.

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Bugged Out Course Features

  • Mental & Physical Preparedness

    As they say, getting there is only half the battle. Learn what it takes to survive any SHTF scenario and live off the grid long term.

  • Tools & Supplies

    What will you need to get there? What will you need when you get there? and what you need for long term survival.

  • Skills & Education

    We go over what skills you will need not only to bug out but to survive once you are out. Like evation tactics, alternative energy, critical thinking and more…

  • Planning & Preperation

    Having a well thought out plan for you and your family could be the difference between life and death.

Audio & Downloads

  • Map Reading & Navigation

    You might not have access to a vehicle at all times and knowing how to navigate off the beaten path will be an essential skill.

  • File Downloads

    We have included a list of downloads for you to print or take with you to access anytime you like and save it for later.

  • Audio Files

    We also included the audio files for you to download so you can listen in your car or where ever else you want to listen on the go.

  • Picking a Location

    There is more that goes into picking a good bug out location that the view. You need resources and security among other things.