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Apoco-List Private Facebook Group & Community

PFBGDon't forget to join the private Facebook group. This group is my favorite place on the internet (and not just because we created it) It really is a great group. This group is also private because some of us just don't want all of our information available to the public.

If you are just looking to have fun and interact with others that have the same mindset as you or you want to get some ideas and advice about what you are doing (or should be doing) right now it's a great group of people from all levels of preparedness willing to help out. 

Important: The Facebook group is a secret group so you will nee to do one of two things...

1. Email us at and let us know what email you use for Facebook and we can send you an invite.

2. Or you can send a friend request to me and I can add you. Here is my Facebook account.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The Bug Out Location Groups & Forums

TheBOLThe Bug Out Location is a website that we put together because we have had many questions about how to find preppers and groups in our area and we just couldn't find a good place. So we made one. 

As this group grows it should become one of the best places to talk about preparedness skills, supplies and anything else you want to discuss.

If there is not a group or discussion going on about what you are interested in you can start your own group and invite people in. Click here to visit The Bug Out Location now.

Leave a comment below and let people know what you area of prepping you are interested in becoming better at.

Leave a comment or tell us about something you have found?