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    Search our ever growing list of links and resources. This list is always being added to my us and the members of the academy. If you have something you think would be valuable to the other members leave a comment about it on that page. We have Food, Water, Shelter and supplies, just leave a comment where you think it fits best.

  • Have Something to Add?

    We are always looking for resources to share with the prepping community. If you know of something or some place that will benefit other members let us know in the comments below. We will also add the best resources and links to the list.

Downloading Files

membership_downloadWhen downloading your files you have two options, click the file and download it or right click the links and select ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Download Linked File As’ and then choose a location to save the file to on your computer (we recommend your desktop or somewhere easy to find)

Downloadable Files

  • PrepperInfo.com

    Added By Dale: Prepper.info has information available for any kind of disaster you can think of. Free downloads of pdf documents and books.

  • Prepper Website 'Free'
    Prepper Website 'Free'

    Added By Dale: This link to the Prepper Website has a list of free eBooks, guides and more.

  • Prepare for SHTF
    Prepare for SHTF

    Added By Sue: Want some free Kindle books? Prepare For SHTF has an updated list of books that are recently being offered for free.

  • Alpha411

    Added By Carla: You have probably never heard of this website, I hadn't until Carla showed it to me. Alpha411 has a huge list of documents and learning tools.

  • Steve Pages 'Firearms'
    Steve Pages 'Firearms'

    Added By Carla: Own a firearm? here is a website called StevesPages.com with almost every firearm available

  • It's a Disaster
    It's a Disaster

    Added By Dale: And a few more free eBooks and guides. This has field manuals and the book titled "It's a disaster"

  • Urban Survival Site
    Urban Survival Site

    Added By Carla: Books, books and more books! The Urban Survival Site has a big collection of books on this site along with their new website as well.

  • Surviving Martial Law
    Surviving Martial Law

    Added By Chris: Surviving Martial Law is a free ebook that has some good information in it.

  • Education After The Collapse
    Education After The Collapse

    Added By Dale: Education After The Collapse is a free eBook by Todd From PrepperWebsite

  • About Aquaponics
    About Aquaponics

    Added By Dale: About Aquaponics.

  • The Preparedness Review
    The Preparedness Review

    Added By Dale: Another for Todd Sepulveda The Preparedness Review has some of the best articles from some great authors.

  • LDS Preparedness Manual
    LDS Preparedness Manual

    The LDS Preparedness Manual is packed with valuable information.

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