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    Search our ever growing list of links and resources. This list is always being added to my us and the members of the academy. If you have something you think would be valuable to the other members leave a comment about it on that page. We have Food, Water, Shelter and supplies, just leave a comment where you think it fits best.

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    We are always looking for resources to share with the prepping community. If you know of something or some place that will benefit other members let us know in the comments below. We will also add the best resources and links to the list.

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membership_downloadWhen downloading your files you have two options, click the file and download it or right click the links and select ‘Save Target As’ or ‘Download Linked File As’ and then choose a location to save the file to on your computer (we recommend your desktop or somewhere easy to find)

Downloadable Files

  • The Preppers Helper
    The Preppers Helper

    Added By Sue: There is an excellent website at www.prepperhelper.com This website has good prepping articles and there is a prep tracking program that is the most comprehensive and helpful prep tracker I have found.

  • 20 Prepper Websites
    20 Prepper Websites

    Added By Dale: This is my own list of 20 great prepper websites to bookmark. There are more than 20 so have a look at Prepperwebsite and survivalpulse while your there and find a few prepper website you never knew existed.

  • Armageddon Medicine
    Armageddon Medicine

    Added By Sharon: Armageddon Medicine says "how to be your own doctor when you have no choice" and they have a huge amount of resources available from Phone apps to free books and downloads.

  • Back Door Survival
    Back Door Survival

    Added By Carla: This website might be on other lists and that's because Backdoor Survival is a great website.

  • Backwoods Home Magazine
    Backwoods Home Magazine

    Added By Sharon: Practical ideas for self reliant living is what Backwoods Home Magazine offers, great website, Thanks Sharon!

  • Survival Top 50
    Survival Top 50

    Added By Dale: The survivaltop50 is also a great resource if you are looking for the best of the best. This hasn't been updated in a while but it still gives you a good idea where to start.

  • SHTFPlan

    Added By Carla: SHTFPlan.com has a post called Rise Of The Preppers: 50 Of The Best Prepper Websites And Blogs On The Internet.

  • Modern Survival Online
    Modern Survival Online

    Modern Survival Online: GENERAL SURVIVAL INFORMATION This section consists of downloadable content related to General Survival topics – such as wilderness survival, basic preparedness steps, as well as other information that does not fit neatly in other categories.

  • SB Canning
    SB Canning

    Added By Heather: CANNING HOMEMADE: This website is all about canning. Instructions, recipes... tons of great info.

  • Emergency & Disaster Information Service
    Emergency & Disaster Information Service

    Added By Anthony: This website has a map of all the current disaster situations around the world. Click Here

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