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Map & Compass Navigation Course

Navigation involves more than just the wilderness, these skills will also be useful in a bugging in or bugging out situation.

What you will get...

  • Learn urban navigation skills
  • Learn triangulation and re-section
  • Learn topographic map reading
  • Learn to use a baseplate compass
  • Learn to navigate using the sun
  • And bonus downloads to print and take with you.


Bugged Out - Off the Grid

Bugging out not only means knowing all the different possibility that could arise, but also how to handle them.

From navigation, bug out vehicles, opsce to evasion you will learn it all here.

What you will get...

  • Learn what it takes to successfully bug out.
  • Navigation, evasion tactics, living off the grid and more.
  • Let us know what you want us to add.
  • Access a new module every week until complete.
  • Downloadable audio and PDF files/.
  • Come back anytime you like and get a refresher.

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  • Community

    You will be joining a community of like minded people looking to become more prepared.

  • Courses and Learning

    We have book, resources and courses to give you all the information you need to become more self reliant.

  • Save Time & Money

    You will save time and money by knowing what, when and why you need what you need.