"Learn about the basics of preparedness"

Save time and money by learning what the pros already know about preparedness and self sufficiency.

With over 20 audio and PDF downloads to take with you and access anytime you want.

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Prepping 101 Course Features

  • The Preparedness Mindset

    How you prepare is just as important as what you have. Learn to manage the flood of information you take in daily. Learn the what, when and why.

  • The Keys to Survival

    Food, water and shelter are the most important key to anyone’s survival. You will learn how to manage all of these areas.

  • Cause & Affect

    Gain a better understanding about the world around you, what threats you feel are the most important and how to prepare for those events.

Audio & Downloads

  • The Tools For Survival

    Tools are more than just what is in your bug out bag. Learn about all the tools, supplies and how to keep them all organized without losing your mind.

  • File Downloads

    We have included a list of downloads for you to print or take with you to access anytime you like and save it for later.

  • Audio Files

    We also included the audio files for you to download so you can listen in your car or where ever else you want to listen on the go.