Win a Ruger LCP .380 For Christmas!

Win a Ruger LCP .380 For Christmas!

Contest is Closed. No More Entries.

Watch the live drawing tonight at 7:00 (MST)

Lisa has the Ruger LCP 9mm and we love it. Here is a video that explains why this is such a great conceal carry gun...


How to Enter the Contest...

Contest is Closed. No More Entries.

  • You can get 1 entry to win the Ruger 380 by purchasing a "protest Your Nuts" Patch from the for $20 or 2 patches (3 entries) for $25. (Order Below)
  • You can purchase an Everstrike match plus 1 entries for $20 or an Everstrike match with 3 entries for $25 (Order Below)
  • You can also purchase a lifetime membership to the Survivalist Prepper Academy for $76 and get 9 entries. (Order Below)
  • A minimum of $300 worth of Patches needs to be sold, $300 is the what we would need to cover the cost of the gun and shipping it to the winner.
  • We want to have the contest end a couple of days before Christmas and do the live drawing on Tuesday the 23rd
  • $300 is only 12 people so your chances of winning will be great!
  • Once the contest is over I will select a winner by doing a live drawing, notify the winner and Todd.
  • I will send Todd the money for his expenses, and then he and I will contact the contest winner and let them know that they need to send Todd a local FFL where he can ship the handgun to.
  • Once he has received the payment and the local FFL he will ship the firearm off to the winner.
  • If the contest goes well (and I think it will) I will add a few consolation prizes just like last time.

IMPORTANT: I do not have my FFL and therefor Todd (who does) will be handling the transfer to the winner. I will answer any questions you have either by asking Todd or answering them myself if I can.


1. Not available outside the United States.  I do not have an import/export license and unwilling to send to an overseas location.  It’s that whole jail thing mentioned above!

2. The Contest can only include those 18 and older.

3. I will only ship to a licensed FFL, like I said, 100% by the book, Todd don’t wanna go to prison!

4. The winner might have to pay an additional FFL transfer fee.  This is a fee that a local FFL might charge to do the paperwork.  I usually charge $15, some FFL’s charge $20+.

You must know your states rules before entering.

If the winner is in SD I would have to add 6% sales tax, that whole law thing about charging sales tax in the state you live in.


To show you everything is above board and legal make sure and read the following from Todd…

From the email Todd sent me:

Todd here,  I bounced an idea off of you about a gun raffle as a way to help out Survivalist Prepper and the podcast.

When I got my FFL I did it with the intention to sell firearms at highly competitive (i.e. cheap) prices, in order to put firearms into the hands of law abiding, second amendment supporting, people.

All sales I do are above the board, no illegal crazy stuff that is going to end me up in prison.  The penalty is 10yrs and $10,000, I don’t know about you, but I am to pretty to go to jail!  Hahah!  Anyway…

The Ruger is in the inventory of my FFL, and ready to find a new home.  So you know I am not BS’ing you or trying to pull a scam I have attached my FFL which shows my business name and address where the business is located (home-based). My phone number is (I have it on file)

About Todd

A little about me, I am retired USAF (21 years), an Oathkeeper, NRA member, and an FFL Holder (you have my license).  I also work for the Federal government at the Air Force Financial Services Center on Ellsworth AFB.

I have this same deal going on with the Oathkeeper group on the East side of South Dakota, I’m actually good friends with the East River Coordinator (Jeff Shawd), you can look him up on FB, and ask him about me if you want.

With all that said here is my thought, and I am bringing it to you because I like your Podcast and I want to support you in a way that could work out for everyone, so here we go…

More Ways to Enter...

For those of you that do not want to buy a patch or membership there is no purchase necessary to win. It will be really difficult but you can do it this way too. By tweeting once per day you will receive 1 point or 1/10th of an entry.

For every 10 points your earn sharing you will get 1 entry. The end time of the contest stated below is the maximum time this contest will run. read the terms & conditions if you have questions.

Contest is Closed. No More Entries.

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