"The 7 Pillars of Primitive Skill"

The tools in our head are more important than the tools in our bug out bag

  • Learn why these skills are important everywhere
  • Over 15 FREEBIES at the end of the workshop
  • Find out what the only tool you need to survive is
  • Chance to win 1 of 10 signed copy's of BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING
  • Everyone gets the PDF version of BE PREPARED FOR EVERYTHING
  • Question and answer session
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  • What is the most important tool you own? Leave a comment below...

    In the workshop I am going to go over what the only tool you need for survival is, but what tool do you feel like is the most important tool you have, or are going to have is? 



  • Mary Lee

    Reply Reply 2014/06/13

    Well, ChrisH had the best answer .. had I not seen his answer , I’d have to say a Swiss Army knife.

  • Brad

    Reply Reply 2014/06/13

    I always carry around a pocket knife, usually a Leatherman single blade with a flat and #2 philips screwdriver. It is brushed stainless steel and has been with me for 8 years and has gotten me out of more than a few scrapes and tight spots. It has a clip that I like to clip on the side pocket of my leg (kinda like painter’s pants side pockets)

  • loren

    Reply Reply 2014/06/17

    your mind is the best tool an then a knife. loren

  • Guy

    Reply Reply 2014/07/10

    My brain……The rest will follow…… 😉

  • Rosie Katen

    Reply Reply 2014/07/17

    Great webinar, thank you. I would like to sign up for your school, but I don’t want to pay online since I had identity theft online. Can I please send you the money by mail?

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