Cell Phone Survival Hacks – The Modern Day MacGyverIn any kind of survival situation it’s important to be able to use the supplies we have around us. Hacks like these are not meant to replace the tools we have (or should have) already, but you never know when seemingly useless information like this might come in handy.

I titled this Survival Cell Phone Hacks – The Modern Day MacGyver because we might find ourselves in a situation where we don’t have our regular supplies, or we are so far off the grid we might need to cannibalize our cell phone and MacGyver our way out of it.

The odds are we will never have to do anything like this, but it’s good to add to our knowledge database…just in case.

In the video below I took an old cell phone with a cracked screen and tore into it to see what I could find that might be useful.

  1. I tested if you can actually use a cell phone battery and steel wool to start a fire.
  2. I made a makeshift compass using the speaker magnet and some wire from your headphones. Remember though, you can’t use copper wire, copper will not magnetize.
  3. I made an arrowhead out of the circuit board and attached it to a stick which could be used as a fishing spear or weapon.
  4. You can use the shiny surface behind the glass screen as a signal mirror.


Have a look at the video and see how its done…

After watching the video do you have any other ideas? Leave a comment below and let everyone know.


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