Day After Disaster Interview With Author Sara HathawayToday in the show Lisa and I have the privilege of talking with Sara Hathaway who is the author of Day After Disaster. Some of you may have already read it, but for those of you who haven’t I highly recommend it. I personally am not a big book reader because I am constantly reading other prepping blogs, but I have to say this book kept my interest.

I also found out during the podcast that this was not just a book, but the first book in The Changing Earth series and the second book will be published very shortly, Sara informed us that she just finished writing the second book the night before we recorded.

The book Day After Disaster is centered around a California woman who is thrust into an unexpected survival situation and goes through many challenges along the way that test her mentally and physically. This is what I like about prepper fiction, while it is fiction we can learn some things by reading these types of books.

These show notes really don’t do this justice, you need to listen to the show to get a good idea about the book and Sara the author.


Day After Disaster is a little different than the typical prepper fiction book because Erica is completely on her own in the beginning and has to find her way back to her family. Because this was from a single persons point of view rather than a group I found myself thinking about what I would do if faced with the same situations.

Sara also has plans for a future podcast where she will read from her books and also offer preparedness and survival tips. She asked Lisa and I if we would be willing to be guests and we can’t wait, it really sound like it going to be a great podcast.

Here are some of the links Sara gave us:

Link to Day After Disaster on Amazon: [Click Here]

Link to Day After Disaster on Tate Publishing: The digital book is $2.50 and if you purchase from this site you will get the PDF, PDA, cellphone or a stand-alone eBook reader files. [Click Here]

In the show we talked about keeping a group together and getting back together. here is a link to the grid system we talked about on her blog: [Click Here]

We didn’t just talk about her book, we talked about some of the lessons you can learn form it. Sara really walks the walk when it comes to preparedness and survival and it shows in her writing. She is EMT trained (although she chose not to work in that profession) and trained in martial arts making her a great addition to any SHTF group or community haha

Here are a few other things we talked about in the podcast.

  • Wake up America! Our food supply is fragile, our energy grid is archaic, and our disaster response systems are inadequate.
  • Most Americans don’t have enough medical knowledge to treat even the most basic of abrasions without antibiotics or medical assistance.
  • Mentally we are too soft and we are completely unprepared for a survival world. Most Americans don’t even know how to survive even for a few days being lost in the wilderness.
  • Lack of knowledge about nature and the availability of edible and medicinally valuable plants that exist right outside your door
  • The book Day After Disaster, reveals some pitfalls that we can all avoid with just a little preparation.
  • Have a family plan: Have a plan A and a plan B. What if cell phones and your home was compromised where would you find your loved ones?
  • Bring your food supply closer to home. Support your local farmers market, grow your own, preserve your own and teach your children how to do it.
  • Survival on your own is nearly impossible. Get to know your community. If you live in an apartment building know who else is living there. What resources can you pool together? Know who in your group has experience with medical, electrical, communication, etc.
  • Ways to convince your family and friends that what you are doing is a good idea. We are all preppers already. We all have insurance. We all carry a spare tire and tire iron in our cars. Stories are great ways to get people thinking! Give them a great story to read.

If you have a few extra dollars make sure and check out Day After Disaster, it’s a well written book at a really great price. Get a hold of Sara on her blog and who knows, maybe she’ll even sign a copy for you.

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