An-In-Depth-Look-at-Trauma-Kits-with-Kevin-Reiter-Part-2Last week in the Survivalist Prepper show Kevin Reiter and I started our conversation about trauma kits and an in depth look at the supplies in them. This week we continue on with the rest of the trauma kit supplies, and some possible injuries you may run across.

In part 1 we went over quite a bit about the why and how of trauma kits, and started to get into the supplies you might want in your trauma kit. The show notes this week are going to be a little short because I went over all the trauma kit supplies in the show notes for part 1.

SPP231 An In-Depth Look at Trauma Kits with Kevin Reiter (Part 2)


As I said in part 1, this podcast is about more than just the supplies you might need, it’s also about the why and when. Make sure and take some time while your driving, cleaning or working out to listen…you won’t be disappointed.

Supplies Continued…

In the first episode we covered how in any sort of SHTF event, sometimes there just isn’t an answer, and doing a patient assessment. We also covered the pros and cons of QuikClot Gauze and Israeli Battle Dressings.

This week we continue on with the trauma kit supplies talking about chest seals, CPR masks, splinting and more of the supplies you would want in a trauma kit. Again, all the supplies we talked about are listed here.

Snake/Spider Bites

This week we also talked about what to do if you are bitten by a venomous snake, and also what not to do. There are a few myths out there about snake bits, and a few supplies that just don’t work.

Kevin talked about why you don’t want to put a tourniquet above a snake bite, and how these snake bite kits that suck the venom out do more damage than good.

Possible Injuries and Supplies to Treat Them

Towards the end of the show we talked about some possible injuries you might face, and what supplies you would need to treat them. Here area few we talked about…

  • Fractures
  • Head injuries
  • Puncture Wounds

Tampons for Bullet Wounds?

Kevin talked about regardless what you might hear on the internet, stuffing a tampon into a bullet wound is not a good option. This video explains why a tampon is unlikely to “plug the hole” caused by a bullet.




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