Over the last few months I’ve received some emails and comments asking if I would do a detailed video (at the end of this post) of my bug out bag supplies.

Because I am in the process of changing out my smaller Maxpedition gear slinger to the larger Yukon Outfitters Alpha pack, I decided to go ahead and give everyone a sneak peak inside.

Keep in mind, everyone’s needs are different, so what you feel are the most critical supplies are, may not be the same supplies I have in my bag.

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I have tried to categorize these items in a way that keeps them more organized. For example, Paracord could fall into a few different categories, but I only added it to my “shelter” bug out bag supplies.

This is not a “best bug out bag supplies” or “must have bug out bag supplies list” This is just a list to help everyone get some ideas about what they might want to add to their bug out bag.

My Bug Out bag have evolved over time, and continues to evolve. This list is what I have right now, but might (and probably will) change over time. As I continue to test this Yukon Outfitters bag over the next year or so I will continue to update this post, or write separate reviews.

Total Cost of This Bug Out Bag

The total cost of this bug out bag and supplies was around $800. This might seem like a lot, but keep in mind, my bug out bag has been put together over a few years. Over time everything starts to add up, and come together.

I will also list the individual prices for these item, and I will link to as many of these bug out bag supplies as I can.  If you have any questions about these bug out bag supplies you can leave a comment below.

Some of these prices are the estimated price of what’s in my bug out bag, not the total price for each item. For example, I purchased a complete mess kit, but I’m only using 1 pan and the spork.

The Yukon Outfitters Alpha Bug Out Bag Kit is available on periodically for around $100 -$150. Because it is so popular, it is sold out quite a bit, you just need to on the lookout for when it becomes available.

Yukon Outfitters Kit Includes…

  • “Rainfly” Lightweight Tarp
  • LED Flashlight
  • Folding Knife
  • 100ft 550 Paracord
  • Medical/Misc. Supplies Kit
  • Hydration Bladder
  • (Also comes with a hammock that I am not putting in the bag)








Wet Ones (Antibacterial Wet Wipes) ($1)


Other Tools

Miscellaneous Items…

  • Credit Card Knife ($1)
  • Rubber bands
  • Safety Pins
  • Super Glue ($4)
  • Contractors Yard Bag ($1)

I also converted this article into a PDF for you to download and refer to in the future. Click the PDF image to download this file.

Here is the Complete Video


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    8 replies to "My Detailed Bug Out Bag Supplies List"

    • Methane

      Great list. How about an AR7 which takes up little room or can be strapped to the outside? I like the upgraded .22 caliber rounds with more stopping power.

      • Dale

        Iv’e got the AR, just not the .22 conversion kit yet…I will soon though.

    • ronnie

      I tested the sawer mini and the squeeze, the squeeze was much higher quality in the drip speed, was twice as fast and came with 2 32oz bags vs the 1 16oz bag with the mini. Both can be placed inline with your bladder or hung up to drip filter your water

    • Chuck Teal

      Dale: I don’t know if you’re aware of this product, but I think it could be very useful.

      GoTenna would be an ideal adjunct to your emergency communications preparation. Carry one on your belt or your backpack, and it will allow you to send and receive secure text messages to, or via, any similar units within range, and it is independent of cell towers.

    • Donald

      Recommend that you replace the Berkey Sport Bottle with a metal canteen or a dual walled metal bottle so you can boil water and transfer it to your water bladder. This will provide you with another method to drink safe water besides chemical treatment.

      • Dale

        I agree, I have been thinking about this for a while. The Berkey is great, but more for hiking I think.

        • Chuck Teal

          I agree with the metal bottle or canteen, but I’d advise against the double-walled (insulated) variety. It would be counterproductive to try heating water in a vacuum- or foam-insulated container.

          • N. Hall

            For boiling water use a single wall canteen or bottle only. Double wall or insulated containers have the possibility of catastrophic failure that could cause injuries. It’s a worse case scenario but not worth the risk.

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