First aid skills are among the most important when it comes to preparedness. This is because we never know what medical services might be available in a disaster, and we just don’t know how things will unfold. Accidents happen all the time, and even the smallest injuries can derail our preparedness plans.

While traumatic injuries in a SHTF scenario may have life of death consequences, we can’t afford to forget about the smaller injuries that could become bigger issues if not treated properly.

These days we have the benefit of antibiotics, EMT’s. medical facilities and cutting-edge technology, but in a disaster those may not be available. In situations like these, we may find ourselves on our own.

A person’s average lifespan has doubled since the early 1900’s because of our advances in medicine, but a long term SHTF situation would bring that number way down. The main cause of death in the Civil War was infection.

SPP298 First Aid Class at The Preparedness Experience Conference

Lisa and I put on a class at The Preparedness Experience Conference this year about wound care and first aid supplies. We decided to take the audio from that class and make it a podcast episode.

In this class we went over why these basic first aid skills are important and covered some supplies that will be important. We also covered some “not so basic” first aid supplies like Medihoney and Steri Strips.

At the end of this post we have the full list of first aid supplies that Lisa put together and handed out to everyone at the conference.

Topics Covered…

  • Why basic first aid is important
  • What is Medihoney and other specialty dressings
  • Signs of an infected wound
  • Reducing the risk of infection
  • Signs of a healing wound
  • Factors that affect wound healing
  • First aid supplies list (download below)

Coming Soon

We got some great video of all the classes we put on at The Preparedness Experience conference, and as soon as we get them edited, they will be available at the website. To find out more about the topics we covered at the conference you can visit the website here.

Ultimate First aid Kit Download

Lisa put together a very extensive list of first aid supplies and handed it out to the attendees. You may have most of the supplies on this list, but there are bound to be a few you didn’t think about.

Download Your First Aid Supplies PDF Here


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