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What We'll Cover in This Course

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of preparing for emergencies? Let us help remove the fear and focus on what's important. In this prepping course, you'll get tried and true prepping advice that will help you keep your family safe in any emergency.

Build a Foundation

Building a solid foundation ensures you have a good preparedness plan for years to come.

Strategic Planning

Learn what disasters & areas of preparedness to focus on first and start planning.

Implement & Grow

Take the tools you gained from this course, implement them, and grow more confident.

About The Bug Out Location

The B.O.L. was built to put all the necessary preparedness information under one roof. This helps you save time and money by focusing on what truly matters in preparedness, and to help remove the fear and confusion.

Online Preparedness Education


Discover everything the B.O.L. has to offer. From online prepping courses, to weekly live videos, we'll help you follow the right path in your preparedness journey.

More Highlights From The Prepping Crash Course

By focusing on the six areas of preparedness, you'll build a well-rounded preparedness plan tailored to almost any emergency or disaster situation.
Prepping is personal, and the Prepping Crash Course will help you build a plan that fits your needs. What works for someone else may not be the best plan for you.
Save time and money by discovering what prepping supplies you really need before you go out and spend an arm and a leg on unnecessary prepping supplies.
Home security, operational security, and situational awareness are all just as important as food storage, water storage, first aid supplies, and bug out bags.
Prepping is about more than just the supplies you have. The ability to "think on your feet" and act accordingly is critical to preparedness.

Start Your Preparedness Plan Today

Prepping isn't as complicated as most people make it; you must focus on the essential things and filter out the noise. This FREE prepping course will help you do that.

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