Interview With Jonathan Hollerman of Grid Down Consulting

This week of the Survivalist Prepper Podcast I was honored to have Jonathan Hollerman on to talk about his books, what Grid Down Consulting is, and his thoughts on a number of situations we might face in a SHTF scenario.

During the interview we went over quite a bit about what Jonathan does and why, but he has a fantastic website, and I highly suggest you check it out. Even if you are not interested in his consulting work, Jonathan offers much more than that.

Grid Down Consulting: A big part of what Jonathan does is his Survival Retreat Consulting where he helps people with their existing survival retreat, or even people starting from scratch. This is not for everyone, but if it is something you are interested in, Jonathan really knows his stuff.

Fiction and Nonfiction Books: Jonathan has a number of books already published, and is working on more. He has his EMP series (Equipping Modern Patriots) and also his nonfiction book “Survival Theory” which is a preparedness guide.

Bug Out DVD’s: Jonathan also has a 2 hour DVD called “Survival Bug Out” where he goes through secrets of the bug out bag, what to take and what to leave, and how to minimize your visibility along the way.

SERE Training: Before I talked to Jonathan, I thought I knew what a S.E.R.E. Specialist was, but I honestly had no idea. He has a video on his biography page that shows just how difficult this training is. We can all sit and think about what a SHTF event would be like, but S.E.R.E. training looks like SHTF training that most of us just couldn’t do… and hopefully we never need to.

SPP254 Interview With Jonathan Hollerman of Grid Down Consulting


In the beginning of the show we talked about what Jonathan is up to and why he chose this path in life. After that we talked about Mutual Assistance Groups (MAG), long term food storage, setting up a survival retreat and more. Below is a list of other topics we covered in this weeks show…

Fan Questions

During the show we went over a couple of questions that were submitted by the listeners, here are a couple of those questions we went over in the show.

Steve: I have been listening to the audiobook “Survival Theory” and it is on of the best practical books on prepping. It is really in your face about the grid going down and how hard it will be. It also doesn’t pull any punches about bugging in or hiding in a bunker.

Wayne: Once you have a good bug out location, how do you go about organizing and selecting members of a mutual assistance group (MAG)?

Todd: When will book 4 of the EMP (Equipping Modern Patriots) be out?

Also From the Show…

The Doomsday Prepper fallacy and the “Hollywoodification” of prepping.

Some of the most likely and least likely disaster scenarios.

The vulnerability of the power grid, and living without electricity.

The government will NOT be there to save you.

Why bugging out is so important.

Don’t ignore the “worst case scenario” disasters.

Considerations for a MAG group or prepper group.

The realities of long term food storage.

The dangers of people in a SHTF scenario.

We went through quite a bit of great preparedness information in this podcast and it’s easily one of my favorites. Make sure and check out Jonathan’s website, and if you have any questions leave a comment below.


Survival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. You can also find me on Google Plus and Twitter

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