Value Of A DollarIn part one of this 2 part series with Bennett Johnson we talked about how the world economic system affects us here in the Unites States. Here in part two we talk about investing in gold and silver for preppers and what we should be doing before we even think about that.

We also go a little more in depth with setting our priority’s, budgeting and we even talked about what life is like living up in Alaska. Bennett has just bagged his first bear, and he has more salmon than he knows what to do with.

Here are a couple of questions I asked Bennett in the show, We went over quite a bit more about prepping, investing and budgeting in the show, but this is a pretty good outline.


Prepping and budgeting: Getting out of debt

I was blessed to know my great grand parents and grand parents at the end of their lives when I was a young kid. I remember them talking about the great depression etc. These were blue collar people in deep south Louisiana known as Cajun country. They all agreed that the ones who survived the great depression were the ones who could feed themselves.

There were no jobs so no on had any money to buy food. If you could grow plants, raise a pig or goat, catch some fish or take wild came sometimes then you could eat when others starved! They knew people that died from freezing in winter or starved and got sick then died or got sent off to war and never came home. How scary of a time that must have been.

1. FORGET GOLD. That is a marketing scam. There are more important aspects of preparedness before we start thinking about gold.

2. GET OUT OF DEBT. Don’t believe me? Google the words “debtors prisons” of WW2 etc. Until you are out of debt or close to it. Nothing else matters.

3. Once you are out of debt or nearly out of debt and have your other prepping priority’s in line then invest in a piece of land and some renewable resources like small animals and vegetable and fruit plans. Learn how to live like our great grandparents did during hard times.

4. Once you have that then consider things like gold and silver maybe. At this point my preference would be firearms, not gold.

Q: What are your opinions on investing in gold and silver from an SHTF standpoint.

Gold: I know of no person who lived through the last war that said they were glad they had gold!! Everyone I know said that they were really glad they had a goat, some bean plants and a roof on a piece of land away from large cities. A reliable firearm, a good knife, some traps and fishing nets were the other tools of survival. They traded and bartered with things to eat and tools to create things to eat not precious metals.

Bennetts 6 Prepping Priority’s

1. Get out of debt. Plain and simple. Everyone’s plan will be different, but it all starts here.

2. Put down roots somewhere you think is safe. A small piece of land away from large populations if possible.

3. Invest in renewable resources.  Line a garden and some small farm animals like chickens, a goat, a pig etc.

4. Learn the skills of our grand parents. Gardening, raising animals, preserving vegetables, fish, meat, etc.

5. Get educated. Not necessarily college. Stop watching TV, start reading books, listening to podcasts etc. where you can pick up skills and knowledge. No, I am not talking about knowing what shoes are in fashion or what David Letterman said today. Focus on knowledge that you can use in your current job or at home while you prepare.

6. Get healthy. Again, turn off the TV. Turn off Facebook! Go hiking. Learn what it feels like to be hot, be cold, be uncomfortable and learn that it will not kill you.

All of this seems to have a slight negative slant but it really is not. All of what we said here is just good common sense and a great way to live! SHTF may never happen and we pray it does not. Either way, you will be glad you started that garden, glad you raised those animals, happy that you are out of debt and really happy that you created that plan for your life way back when.

Financial Advice…

Bennett also mentioned in the show about offering a free financial consultation to anyone who is interested. This is going to be on a first come first serve basis and is completely free so get a hold of Bennett here while this offer stands.

Don’t forget to check out Bennett’s blog post about how he smoked the salmon he caught here. I also have a couple of pictures that he sent me at the bottom of this post.

Exciting Academy Updates

The Survivalist Prepper AcademyIn the beginning of the podcast I talked about how Lisa and I want to take the Academy to the next level. We have a few ideas that will make this a better value for you now, as well as some things we have planned for the future. Our main goal for the next few months is to be more accessible and give you the tools you need that go beyond the survival courses.

After you get past the basics each persons survival or prepping plan will be different and we need to focus our plans around our needs. Here are a few ideas we have right now that we are working on, and if you have anything you would like us to add please let us know.

Prepping Consultations: This will either be 1 on 1, group chats, online events or a combination. The 1 on 1 consultations will be limited to lifetime members because as much as we would like to, talking about a preparedness plan for everyone would take up all of our time.

Updated Courses: As we get more members in the academy we have the ability to create a better product, most of the courses are over a year old and quite honestly I have learned a lot about video and audio since then. Along with adding to some of the courses we will be updating some as well, the Prepping 101 course is first on our list.

Member Forums: We get quite a few emails from people asking about getting in touch with other preppers in their area so we are looking into figuring out how to make this possible. One of our ideas is to create a forum and chat room to get to know someone before you give out all your information.

As preppers we are all a little hesitant to give out too much information before we trust someone so this would allow you to be anonymous until you feel comfortable disclosing and personal details.

Better Monthly Contests: As some of you might know the more people who sign up to the Academy the better the prizes we can give away, but we are going to try and take this one step further and give the members more input into what those prizes are. We are going to start sending out a members only magazine every month that lets send us your feed back on the upcoming prizes…If you want something different just let us know.

Members Magazine: This members only monthly magazine is going to be a way for us to better communicate with you what we are planning, and an opportunity for you to send us your feedback. This is not going to be the average “newsletter” that you get for signing up to a websites email list, this is going to be something you look forward to every month.

Survivalist Prepper Academy Members Magazine


Here is what we are thinking about so far…

  • Exclusive articles only published in the magazine.
  • Monthly Q&A segments from questions asked by members.
  • Updates about what we are doing, and what we have planned.
  • Monthly contest updates.
  • Articles from Lisa ranging from conspiracies to recipes.
  • Articles from me on whatever I feel is important that month.
  • List of events going on around the country: prepper shows, gun shows etc.
  • And much more…

This is just the basic outline for the first edition, but as it grows and as we hear what you have to say I’m positive it will get better as time goes on.

If you’re not a member yet you should probably get in before we roll all of this out, if it goes the way I think it will we are going to have to raise the price to make it worth the time and cost it takes to make this a fantastic preparedness resource and community.

Click Here to Join the Survivalist Prepper Academy

Limited time shirts available now!

The Preparedness Triangle

The Preparedness Triangle TShirt from Survivalist Prepper

***Limited Edition 100% Original Design***

Let’s face it, no one wants to go around wearing a t shirt that says “I’m a Prepper” because that would be like wearing a target on your back.

That’s why I came up with this idea for a prepper shirt that isn’t a prepper shirt.

Why This Design is So Great…

This open ended triangle is an adaptation of the Civil Defense emblem universally recognized by preppers… but the average person would have no idea what it is.

The three open triangle sides symbolize Water, Food, Shelter, the basic survival necessities.

The circle around the triangle symbolizes the following wisdom: “A good man draws a circle around himself and cares for those within.”

The circle is also gray to remind us about the importance of being “the gray man” and not exposing ourselves to undue risk.

The primary purpose of the symbol is that likeminded preppers will be able to recognize each other before and after a SHTF event in order to network and communicate with each other…

…but again, it just looks like cool shirt to everyone else.

In keeping with OPSEC (Operational Security) the SP stands for Survivalist Prepper or Survival and Preparedness and there is even Morse Code for SP under the circle.

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Pictures From Bennett

Bennett Colage


Survival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. You can also find me on Google Plus and Twitter

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