The Only Prepping Supply List You Need and More DownloadsWe all love lists, there are big out bag lists, food storage lists, lists for fuel storage and supplies, lists for different disasters and so on.  But the only prepping supply list you need is the one you make.

Prepping is such a personal thing that we cannot just take someone else’s list and think it will work for our needs. We need to develop a plan and have supplies that work for us given our needs and unique situation. If we live in an urban area our needs will be different than someone who lives on a farm,we might feel the need to have a bug out plan in place while others plan on staying put.

So should we just disregard these lists and make your own? Absolutely not, these lists are a great way of getting some ideas about something you had never thought about.
But like I said, prepping is a personal thing, so you need to pick and choose what items on these lists apply to you and create your own list.

I’ll leave a few links below where you can find some great lists and also a worksheet that you can use to start a list that works for you along with a few other free downloads that will help you create that list. Because before we start a list of supplies we need to take a look at our personal situation and decide what supplies we might need.

Beginning Prepping and where to turn next Update: Make sure and check out our What Prepping Supplies Do I need Series here. I goes through all the supplies you need from bug out bags to car kits as well as how to proceed after you have all of this done. Getting started prepping is one thing, knowing how to continue without getting overwhelmed is another.

I Break My Supplies Down Into Three Categories.

1. Supplies for survival: These supplies are probably the most important, these items include but are not limited to water storage, food storage, electricity, light, cooking and shelter.

2. Supplies for sanity: Just because the SHTF doesn’t mean we need to depend on the bare essentials and feed our family beans and rice every day. When the SHTF we are going to be stressed enough as it is so having some supplies like coffee and sweets will help take the edge off, at least until you become more accustomed to the new lifestyle that was forced upon you.

3. Supplies for bartering: These are my lowest priority but it never hurts to have a little extra of something that could be useful for bartering in the future. But remember your situation is different from mine. You might not have the room to store hundreds of gallons of fuel or water, so you might want to stockpile supplies that take up less room like batteries, lighters or water purification tablets that can be used to barter with in the future.

Starting Your List

As you start your list you should keep in mind what event or disaster you are preparing for, how you are going to keep those supplies organized and rotated and what supplies can be designated multi use supplies. An example of a multi-use tool is a canteen, a metal canteen can be used to store water, to boil water and to cook in as well.

These free downloads will give you a better idea  about where to start and how to keep your preps even, organized and rotated without putting yourself in the hole.

Cause and Affect Worksheet

cause and affectThis might seem pretty simple, but you might be surprised by the results. We all basically know what we are preparing for but this worksheet might give you some ideas for multi use items to start stocking.




Short Term Food Storage Worksheet

Short Term FoodYou have to start somewhere and starting with storing what your family actually eats is a good place to start. There are sample items on this list, but you can double click that cell and replace it with what you want.

Short Term Food Storage



Long Term Food Storage Worksheet

Long Term FoodOnce you have figured out your short term needs it’s time to move on to bigger and better things. Keep in mind it doesn’t do you any good to store 100 lbs of flour if you don’t know how to use it. Learning new skills will help you become more self reliant and gives you a reason to have these supplies.

Long Term Food Storage



Prepping Budget Planner

Budget trackersA while back I wrote an article about 10 ways to reduce debt and went into how this budget tracker works. I also did a video about how to use it because it’s an excel file and excel can be a little tricky the first time you use it. This budget tracker works great for me because I don’t like my information all over the internet.

Budget Planner



Food Storage & Supplies List

SuppliesBuilding your supply list take a little more effort than just downloading someone else’s list. But we can take all that information we find and create our own list that works for our preparedness needs. You can either print this worksheet out or simply fill it out and save it to your computer.

Personalized Supplies List



Organization and Rotation Worksheet

Organization and rotationOrganizing and rotating your preps is not only important to help you keep track of what you have and keep your preps even, it also help you use the items you have stored before they expire. Sometimes it can be hard keeping track of all the different areas you have supplies stored and this worksheet might help with that.

Organization List



Links to Prepping Lists LDS Preparedness Manual

SurvivalCache Uncommon Supplies

TheSurvivalistBlog Comprehensive supply list

SurvivalCache 100 Items that will disappear first Our First Aid list

SurvivalWeekly Basic First Aid Supplies

ThePrepperJournal Power outage

eFoodsDirect Personal Hygiene

Prepping 101 Course

We have also put together a prepping 101 course for anyone just getting started in preparing and self reliance. If this is you head over and check it out. It’s 100% free and has quite a bit of valuable iformation to get you off on the right foot.



Survival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. You can also find me on Google Plus and Twitter

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      “Food Storage & Supplies List” is password locked…won’t let me open it.

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    • John Doe

      I just downloaded your lists and I find them to be VERY valuable. So much so that I’ll be having my stay at home wife/co-prepper go through all of our supplies this coming week and populate all of the lists. We already had one for our BOB’s but it makes me realize we need good ones for food beyond just going through the pantry every 6 months and replacing. We need additional for security (ammo, firearms), fuel (white gas for coleman, kindling for BioLite, hardwood for indoor stove), water (we only store about 5 cases of bottled but it does need to rotate. We store so little b/c of space constraints in the big city and we have no less than a homemade Berkey, coffee filters by the 1000’s for pre-filtering the REAL crud out, MSR backpackable and of course a handful of lifestraw’s. We have access to a 120,000 gallon swimming pool and can distill that or we have access to what we firmly believe is a spring fed creek below us, that runs 365 days a year, rain or not. Anyway, thanks for the sheets. We will take the premise and expand on it. I plan to combine them all into one giant workbook kept up to date on a USB key and kept protected in my Faraday. I will be able to use them via PC, laptop, Android phone and tablet that way.

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