Protecting Yourself From Nuclear Radiation ExposureWith many nations of the world today claiming to have nuclear capabilities, and the constant bombardment of negativity floating through the mainstream media the thought of a nuclear event seems to be creeping back into potential disasters we need to be prepared for. Well, in my mind it always has been, especially lately.

Thinking about how so many countries seem dead set on destroying not only their own country, but others as well, it has lead me to seriously consider the possibility of WW3 being a nuclear war.

This is an area I had not really given a lot of thought to in the past, I believe mostly because being prepared for something like this seemed either to overwhelming, but preparing for a nuclear attack really is worst case scenario.

And if you are close to the area where the nuclear even occurs, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do, but if you do survive, the other events that we prepare for, and that will follow a nuclear disaster could be far worse.

But thinking like this is not the correct way of thinking, in my opinion. I am a survivor, and I am going to do whatever I can to better the odds of survival for myself and my family. Having a plan, and preparing for the worst is what we do, and I want to share that with you.

Also keep in mind that not all radiation comes from nuclear bombs, other possible sources of high-dose radiation include the following:

  • An accident at a nuclear industrial facility
  • An attack on a nuclear industrial facility
  • Detonation of a small radioactive device
  • Detonation of a conventional explosive device that disperses radioactive material (dirty bomb)

When preparing for a nuclear attack or nuclear accident the areas you will need to think about, shelter, water, food, and exposure.

Fallout / Root / Storm Shelter

Let’s plan that you will be sheltering in your own home. You have all of your supplies here, this is your contact point for all of your family or group. You can better your situation by having a root cellar, or underground shelter.

By having your shelter underground, you will protect your group from the radioactive fallout by having at least 24” of compact earth covering all sides of your shelter.

fallout shelter

I found instructions for how to build a root cellar (image above) here:

This site walks you through step by step of how to build your very own root cellar. And with a few modifications, this can also double as a tornado shelter, as well as a fallout shelter. You can keep your immediate need supplies stored down here, and have what you need to last several weeks.

Temporary Radiation Shelter

temporary radiation shelterIf you are lucky enough to be able to afford an underground bunker you will be set. But for the majority of us, we will not have this option.

Unfortunately many of us do not have the time, space, or money to build something as elaborate as this. But if you have a basement in your home, you can still make it safe in case something such as a nuclear war were to happen.

Dale and I talked quite a bit about emergency radiation shelter, supplies for surviving a nuclear attack, the different types of bombs and damages certain bombs can cause in podcast #116.The Podcast and article will be published this Thursday and you can sign up to get our latest posts by email (on your top right) or we will link to that article here on Thursday.

Food & Water

Food and water are a necessity, and you can never have enough of either when you are preparing to live after a nuclear event. If this is what you are planning for, plan to store at least 6 months to 1 year of food for EACH member of your family. The radiation and fallout will dissipate fairly quickly, but as I said earlier, the events to follow could be far worse.

Keep your food stored in covered containers, like plastic storage bins, or 5 gallon plastic buckets with lids. This will make it easier to move the food, as well as keeping a barrier of protection around the food you will be eating.

Also, don’t forget to include heirloom seeds. Having seeds will be vitally important in case there is no more grocery store. So be sure to plan for the worst and store seeds.

You will need to prepare the ground for is planting after the event also. If you have a garden area, protect the ground by covering it with heavy plastic sheeting. This will prevent the radioactive fallout from seeping into the dirt. The other alternative is to grade off the first 12inches of soil, but I would rather spend $20.00 and buy as much plastic as I can afford and cover the garden plot.

Not only is this easier, but it is also more cost effective, and a lot less labor intensive. So if you can, have a lot of plastic to cover where you will be gardening in the future.

Water is probably one of the most important things you need to store, whether it is for a nuclear event, or even just storage. You need to have enough water for yourself, family members, animals, hygiene, and water for your garden, worst case scenario.

If you can start storing water now, do it. You can store it in 55 gallon food grade barrels, as well as having hand pump wells, and other ways to find water that is deep underground.

If you Are Exposed to Radiation…

Once you have your shelter, food, and water situation managed, now it is time to turn your focus to what you can have that will help get the radiation out of your body in case you are exposed, either directly, or through ingestion.

You can protect your body from the damage of radiation by including simple everyday items in your nuclear protection kit:

Potassium Iodide

Protects the thyroid gland from absorbing radiation from radioactive iodine. Find this on eBay Here…

Iodine (or betadine)

This is for topical use only, DO NOT ingest iodine or betadine. You simply paint it on the skin, either your forearm or tunny, and this will help to protect you from radioactive iodine as well. However, if you are allergic to iodine, don’t so this!

Sodium bicarbonate (aka, plain baking soda)

Crazy right?! But yes, baking soda will protect you from radiation, and it will help to rid it from your body. Uranium binds to the baking soda, and will get it out of your system.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C cannot only protect against radiation but also repair damage from previous exposure.

B vitamins

Help to normalize the red and white blood cell count, since the destruction of white blood cells by radiation can last for extended periods of time.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is water and fat soluble and it is also capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier. This means that it is capable of reaching and preventing damage in our fatty tissues, our brains, and every single organ for that matter. ALA also repairs DNA. It is a good heavy metal chelator, it protects the heart and brain from cell death, stimulates the regeneration of liver tissue and is rapidly absorbed high up into the digestive tract. Find this on eBay Here…

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)

DMSO is a classical sulfur compound and a powerful anti-oxidant, exactly what we need for detoxification and protection from radiation. A Japanese study showed that even low concentrations of DMSO had radio-protective effects through the facilitation of DNA double-strand break repair, providing protection against radiation damage at all cellular levels in the whole body. Find this on eBay Here…


One of the most effective means of protecting against radiation when consumption of contaminated food becomes unavoidable. Pectin preparations, along with vitamins and minerals, have demonstrated a high efficiency in eliminating incorporated radionuclides. The recommended dose is 5 grams once or twice a day for one month, 4 times a year. Find this on eBay Here…

Black and green tea

Tea catechins are associated with antioxidant properties and can have radio-protective effects when taken both before and after irradiation.


A naturally occurring compound contained in the spice turmeric. Curcumin has been found to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor activity in a variety of animal models of human diseases including radiation-induced pulmonary diseases. Find this on eBay Here…


Has powerful antioxidant properties, as well as helping you to get to sleep. Animals subjected to whole-body irradiation and given melatonin exhibited increased survival and the protection against radiation-induced oxidative damage was apparent throughout the body. More importantly, melatonin administered orally results in higher circulating levels and more rapidly increasing tissue concentrations.

Vitamin E

Protect the body from oxidative damage


Help the body eliminate several toxic heavy metals including cadmium, aluminum and lead.

Miso soup

Dashi and miso paste are the key factors of miso soup that were found to be beneficial to protect people against radiation.

By having these items on hand, and incorporating them into your nuclear preparedness, you will be helping to keep yourself and your family healthier, and hopefully reduce the radiation exposure you may be exposed to.

The information on the above substance have been proven from prior nuclear events, such as Chernobyl, and Fukushima. Both of these events were not from nuclear weapon attacks, but the radioactive fallout was the same. So maybe we can learn from these disasters and help to protect the ones we love.



As a registered nurse, a mother of 5 and Dale's wife I post on this website from time to time about what I know and love, Preparing my family to survive any sort of unforeseen situations. Most of my articles will probably be based on medical needs and prepping techniques, but you never know, I may surprise you every now and then.

    3 replies to "Protecting Yourself From Nuclear Radiation Exposure"

    • Jenny

      Great article, thanks, Lisa!

    • Casey Miller

      I got a couple of friends working in underground mines and they have this beeper that warns them against high radiation. I’ve also heard about a vest that turns color when radiation is detected.
      Today smart homes also have an alarm system that signals high c02 and other dangerous gasses.

    • gino schafer

      I worked at a nuclear plant as the staff radiochemist for 15 years. You need to do more research on this topic. It is full of mistakes.

      For instance, painting iodine on your skin will do nothing to reduce your exposure to radioiodine. In fact if you are over 40 years old you don’t need potassium iodide pills.

      Putting plastic on your garden will not ensure that no radioisotopes are present in the soil. They will also be dissolved in water which will reach your garden.

      Bicarbonate will not protect you from radiation either, nothing will other than Time, Distance, and Shielding.

      Minimize the time your are exposed, increase the distance to radioactive material, employ shielding to reduce your dose rate.

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