Depending on the circumstances, fish antibiotics could be a big part of your preparedness plans. It’s important to note though if you plan on having or using antibiotics, you need to understand when they will work, the damage they can do, and the correct dosage.

Some people think that antibiotics have no negative effects, but this isn’t true. Using the wrong antibiotic or using an antibiotic when it isn’t necessary can cause more problems down the line.

Antibiotics have played a major role in battling life threatening infections over the past century, but the over usage of antibiotics today or miss usage of antibiotics can cause them to be ineffective.

These days our doctors have the equipment and knowledge to figure out what the best possible antibiotic might be. In a SHTF scenario, fish antibiotics might be our only option. 

SPP280 Replay: Prepping and Fish Antibiotics (Part 2)

This week we have part 2 (listen to part 1 here) of the prepping and fish antibiotics series Lisa and I did a couple of years ago. In this episode we went over some scenarios that may occur, and what antibiotics may help. 

We also covered why it’s so important to understand why antibiotics work, and when they may not. If you plan on storing fish antibiotics it’s crucial that you understand as much as possible about how they work.

The Original Podcast Show Notes

Even though this podcast came out 3 years ago, the information we went over is still relevant. In the podcast show notes we explain what these different fish antibiotics are, someof the precautions, and what they could (should) be used for.

Links Mentioned in the Show

Study: The overuse of antibiotic ointments and MRSA

The expiration dates of fish antibiotics. This page explains when this company bought the antibiotics and when they expire. Most are between 1.5 and 3 years.

How to grow bacteria in a petri dish. Most of us will not have the equipment in our bug out bags to do a bacteria culture, but for the mad scientists out there here is how you do it.


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