SHTF Perimeter Security What You Can Do Now, To Prepare For ThenAlthough we hope nothing happens that would cause us to “beef up” our home security, we all know it is a very real possibility that we would need to protect our home in some unconventional ways in an SHTF scenario.

I titled this article SHTF perimeter security: what we can do now, to prepare for then because while setting up pit fall traps and tossing caltrops all over the front yard might become necessary, it might get you in some hot water today. With that being said, there are some things that we can do now, and some thing we can do to prepare for an SHTF event.

Today in the show Adam and I talked about just that. Adam is a police officer who does general assessments like these for people in his community, and modified it for preppers like us.

SPP155 SHTF Perimeter Security


Adam wrote me that “One thing I have training through the police department is home security, normally what citizens in my town do is either send us video or pictures of their property and we advise on best ways to prevent intrusion.  I have modified it for those in my prepper group to include SHTF security.

We tried to stick to the images in the order they were listed below, but make sure and listen, because there is much more information about each of them.

The images below are just an example home, but use your imagination and figure out what you could do to improve your perimeter security. I plan on going out and taking some pictures of my home from different areas and doing this same type of threat assessment.

Front Of Home

House Image 1The Pros…

  • Long driveway leading to house
  • Pasture with double fence between road and house
  • No tree obstructing view of road
  • Strong wooden doors
  • Nothing of value noticeable from roadway
  • Electric fence (on chain link)

The Cons…

  • No gate(s)
  • Short fence

Items to Fix Now…

  • Add a gate and upgrade white fence
  • Plant thorny plants under front Bay windows
  • Add a light to fence post to light long drive
  • Camera facing driveway

SHTF Fixes…

  • Barrier to driveways
  • Board lower windows

Right Side View

House Image 2

The Pros…

  • Pasture with double fence protecting house
  • Electric fence
  • Nothing of value visible besides cows

The Cons…

  • Trees at border (limits visibility and provides cover for intruders)
  • No side window
  • Short fence

Items to Fix Now…

  • Attach a solar light to utility pole (get permission)
  • Camera to utility pole (get permission)

SHTF Fixes…

  • Trim all lower branches
  • Trip alarm in pasture (more info below about traps) (and here)

Left Side View

House Image3

The Pros…

  • Long open driveway
  • All Outbuilding doors face into property
  • Large street light inside property

The Cons…

  • No gate (U shaped driveway)
  • Small decorative fence
  • Outbuilding for cover/concealment

Items to Fix Now…

  • Gate(s) added and upgrade fence
  • Lights on all sides of outbuildings

SHTF Fixes…

  • Gate/Barrier
  • Remove items of value from outbuildings
  • Alarms & traps

Left Pasture

House Image 4

The Pros…

  • Large open area between next residence and secondary fence

The Cons…

  • Equipment out in open with no view from main house
  • Decorative fence

Items to Fix Now…

  • Better fence
  • Organize/concealment for equipment

SHTF Fixes…

  • Dead fall, Apache foot, caltrops along whole border of fence line between 2-6 feet in.
  • Remove all equipment to inside perimeter fence

Right Pasture

House Image 5

The Pros…

  • Gap between fence and trees
  • Better fence (electric)

The Cons…

  • Juts up against roadway

Items to Fix Now…

  • Nothing important

SHTF Fixes…

  • More Traps: Dead fall, Apache foot, caltrops along whole border of fence line between trees and roadway

Top View From Roadway

House Image 6

The Pros…

  • Long pasture to property (150 yards)
  • Wire fence
  • Second fence between house

The Cons…

  • Items of value visible from roadway
  • Over-watch position for intruders

Items to Fix Now…

  • Nothing

SHTF Fixes…

  • More traps: Dead fall, Apache foot, caltrops along whole border of fence line between 2-6 feet in.
  • Early warning alarms
  • Hide water pond
  • Litter pasture with debri

Right Top View From Roadway

House Image 7

The Pros…

  • Large pasture
  • Double fence

The Cons…

  • Jutted up against residential housing

Items to Fix Now…

  • None

SHTF Fixes…

  • Possible second barrier fence between residential fence
  • Dead fall, Apache foot, caltrops along whole border of fence line between 2-6 feet in.
  • Early warning alarms
  • Establish “hide in sagebrush” in top corner (will provide hidden security point and over-watch of whole property)

Backyard (From Left)

House Image 9

The Pros…

  • Well pump covered (pump house)

The Cons…

  • Outbuilding access with no view from house
  • Lots of concealment for intruders

Items to Fix Now…

  • Enclose area
  • Organize area

SHTF Fixes…

  • Concealment of items of value

Backyard ViewHouse Image 10

The Pros…

  • Pump house concealed
  • Well lighted
  • Plenty of supplies for “projects”

The Cons…

  • Items of value visible
  • Access to back of house from front with no barrier

Items to Fix Now…

  • Concealment for propane tank

SHTF Fixes…

  • Concealment for propane tank
  • Clean property to prevent tripping hazards in case of night ops
  • Board up bottom windows

Overall Assessment

Overall a good setup: Long driveway and pastures providing natural long areas of no concealment (creates apprehension)

Areas hit first: If I were to hit the house I would come from left pasture and take what I could from the pasture then move into the outbuildings (very little chance to be seen), if no hint of resistance would move to back of house and enter from back side of house to take what I want.

SHTF assessment: Lots of potential. Real close to residential and that is worrisome, if traps and early warning is put in place and overwatch/security is put in place there is potential for a lengthy bug in scenario.

Lots of garage space to “prep” cars unnoticed in bug out scenario. Lots of pasture and land for animals but little concealment for them from hungry masses. Large amount of no concealment area between house and roadways creates lots of open fire lines.

Way I would attack: (assuming all SHTF plans were put in place)

Looting only: I would come from left side pasture and raid the Outbuilding.

Full attack: I would come from the top road to fire down from the high ground and overrun the position.

Recommend for minimum security

2 man security team: 1 over-watch at top of property. Second roaming perimeter of house.

What Would You Do?

I want to say thanks to Adam again for taking the time to be on the show this week. Because of his job, and his training he tends to think more “tactically” than most people, and we can all learn from it. If you have anything you would do, or a way you would attact the property if you were an intruder, let us know in the comments below.



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    • Thatnub

      I listened to the show and checked here but, I cannot find contact info for him. I live in the Tri-Cities and might want an assessment of my property.

    • GG

      great job! However, i live in town with neighbors all around me. tough to conceal so while the article is great and provides insight into protection, perhaps a suburban evaluation would help more of us!

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