SPAL003 EMP’s Economics and Civil Unrest

In this weeks members podcast I gave everyone a sneak peak into what Lisa and I will be talking about this coming Thursday. There are quite a few things that have me concerned recently that have caused me to revisit my preparedness plans.

SPAL003 EMP’s Economics and Civil Unrest


Here are some brief notes on what I talked about in this podcast…

Contest Winners: I will be picking the 2 winners of the members contest this Friday and send you an email if you won.

The Silent Coup: It seems that our government has very little faith in who we decide to elect to be president.  If they are successful at ousted a duly elected president, how will people react. The reason Trump was elected was because people were tired of government overreach, overspending and corruption. Would this be the beginning of a civil war? And how long would things take to unfold?

North Korea: Who knows if this is just some rich fat kid flexing his muscle, or if this is a real threat to us here in the US. Regardless which one it is, I think it’s our responsibility to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.

EMP: Just a few years ago, when you asked someone about an EMP they would either look at you like you were crazy, or say “an EM what?” These days and EMP is not only getting more likely, more people are beginning to understand how severe the consequences would be.

The National Debt: The silence around our national debt is deafening. Is it because people are too concerned about hating Donald Trump to worry about real issues? While we are all worried about Russian hacking, transgender issues and government controlled healthcare, or debt is still rising at a staggering pace…and no one seems to care.

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  • kidsnurse101

    Reply Reply September 16, 2017

    I just wanted to take a minute and thank you Dale and Lisa for continuing to provide me with hours of awesome info and perspective every week. I always look forward to getting a new podcast download.
    I believe the answer to the poor reception to the SPAL podcast was the fact that is was harder to get to.
    I dont have Facebook (so no Academy page) and I use my iPhone for everything. Just hard to get stuff downloaded from the webpage.
    Thats just my opinion. Hope it was useful 🙂
    Hope iPhone lets you have the App soon!
    Best wishes,

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