theprepperpodcastbannerThis week we have part 2 of our conversation with Ken from The Prepper Podcast. If you missed episode 89 we talked about what would cause a grid down scenario as well as what we can expect to happen in the weeks and months following.


This week we wrapped up our conversation from last week and transitioned into what we can do about power in any grid down event. There are many things we can do for heat/cooling and electricity in a disaster scenario from crank flashlights to an all out battery bank.

Topics We Discussed…

Heating: In a grid down situation remember to heat the person, not the space. Ken mentioned the Little Buddy Heater which can be used with a normal Coleman camping propane tank. 

In a grid down event we are going to also need batteries and more batteries. Ken sugested the EnLoop Rechargeable Batteries because of the quality and life span.

Water Purification and filtration: has some great filtration kits that are a little more cost friendly than Berkey is. I have never tried these so this is not to say they are better than Berkey, just cheaper in price.

We also talked about the Sawyer Mini (which I love) and some of the smaller water filter options.

Cooking, Eating and food storage: How you cook, when you cook and what you cook all need to be taken into consideration in a grid down scenario. We talked about how to cook and also mentioned long term food storage items you can get at the Click here for the discount codes.

Prescription Medications: Depending on how long the grid down situation lasts it is very likely that you will run out of prescription medication. Fish antibiotics could also be a good option in a grid down situation. Here is a good article I wrote about Fish Antibiotics.

Off Grid Power

Later in the podcast we talked about how to set up a renewable alternative power source. I have plans on building something for my well pump so I grilled Ken because he really knows his stuff when it come to electric power. We talked about solar, and wind generators and how everything works together.

Ken has done quite a few pod casts on alternative power that you can find here.

Grid Down Cheat Sheet

Ken also put together a cheat sheet that you can download here that goes through possible causes, what you should be concerned about and how to prepare for a grid down event.

New to Prepping?

If you are just beginning your preparedness journey you will find this video very helpful. Along with this video we will be sending you some email’s over the next few weeks that will give you some tips and resources to make life a little easier. Click here to watch the video.

The Preparedness Myth…

The preparedness Myth video series will also help even if you have been doing this for a while. It will give you tips about saving money, organization as well as a few bonuses along the way. Click here to watch the video.

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