Every once in a while, I run across articles or videos about what food you should store long-term and what foods you should avoid. In today’s podcast and video, I will go over an article titled ” 7 Foods You Should Never (Ever) Stockpile” and give my thoughts and get yours.

I also want to let everyone know about today’s live stream (4-20-23) with Adam of Defense USA (link below), where we will be going over some realities about what we might encounter and how to train appropriately with firearms for those situations.

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7 Foods You Should Never (Ever) Stockpile

Live Show With Adam od Defenders USA


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    • Brenda

      Hi Dale, great show as always. I normally am just a listener but felt I should comment on this one. My father was in the food industry his entire life. I have also attended several food preparation/storage courses years ago. The woman who taught the courses had a PhD in food storage/prep/nutrition and was from Michigan State University extension. . I’m also an ER nurse so am familiar with food borne illnesses.. As a bonus Ii grew up with grandparents who went through depression era. I’ve been growing and preserving my entire life. Most people are unaware that the only thing mandated by law to have an expiration date is infant formula. Back in the 70s a grocery store decided to put expiration dates on their food to get it moving and for “safety”. Manufactures, do the same, to keep product moving and selling. My father would tell me all the time, that expiration dates on cans/jars were a sales gimmick. The class I attended the woman stated the same thing, said most foods that are properly preserved can last up to 15 years and the main thing that is lost is nutritional value. In fact many chefs/butchers leave red meat out to “age” it, same with sausages, cheese, etc. In all my years working in the ER, I’ve never heard or seen a botulism case and the only time I ever had food born illnesses patients were from prepared foods at a restaurant/hall some event where fruit was cut with contaminated utensils or contained cream and left out. .I’m not saying that everything is safe and of course everyone has their own opinions, I just felt a need to let people know what I learned and have experienced. If using a pressure canner to preserve your food, that is as good as commercial processing according to the expert as long as you follow guidelines. As far as dented cans go, those are fine as long as you use them soon and always be sure there are no bubbles/leaks etc. Many of them are lined and greatly marked down. You can freeze the contents if that makes people feel better.. Most everything with a high vinegar content is fine it’s just a matter of taste. With that said, the main items I personally don’t keep for long periods are any items with cream, especially stored in plastic. I’ve even taken items such as ketchup and put it in glass jars and stored it after sealing them. I’ve also personally used tomato products well after the expiration date including purée and tomato paste. People in Italy rarely refrigerate anything. I know people that won’t eat anything past expiration and it’s such a waste especially when the cost of food is so high. I have patients not taking meds because they can only afford food so I want people to know these things. Best way to know is by sight and smell and then taste. I’ve used most everything you talked about years after expiration and am fine. PS Einkorn wheat is the best for long term storage and nutrition. (And to make flour)

    • Eric

      Great video–some stuff I would never have thought about.

      Silly, i know, I love the cake mix–I mean a little bit of comfort food does wonders for the mind and body.

      One tip I would like to give is something I never hear about–protein powder.

      Yes, the flavor will go down after the expiration date–but from my research the protein is not going bad anytime soon.

      I use Rivalus–I buy it in the ten-pound bag–vanilla–tastes good and can be mixed with just about anything.

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