In today’s show, I put a few popular food myths to the test! Today, I’ll dive into the intriguing world of expired canned foods. Have you ever wondered if canned food really goes bad? We’re about to find out!

In this taste test experiment, we’ll examine various 8-year-old expired canned foods to determine if they are still safe to eat. Join us as we crack open cans of chicken chunks, canned tuna, and even the polarizing canned spam.

Many people are unsure about the best-by-dates on canned goods. Does canned food actually expire? Is it still safe to consume after the date has passed?

Throughout the podcast and video, I’ll record my findings and review any taste, texture, and overall quality changes. Will the flavors remain intact, or will they be compromised by the passage of time? Get ready to witness my genuine reactions as we reveal the results.

Discover the truth about expiration dates and learn whether or not you should be concerned about consuming expired canned goods. Let’s dive in and settle the debate once and for all – does canned food really go bad?


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