survivalist-prepper-toolboxI thought it might be a good idea to set up a page for everyone that has some resources to get you started. Some of you might not be in the beginning stages of prepping, but I would have to say the question I get the most often is “where do I start” so I am going to start there and work my way up…as everyone should.

There are quite a few links on this page so you might want to bookmark it for later and come back anytime you need to.

Some of this might even work for the seasoned prepper by getting back to the basics and resetting your preparedness plan for lack of a better term.

So where do you start preparing?

The short answer is Stop…relax…and learn.

Preparedness can be a little like drinking from a fire hose in the beginning because of the amount of information you need to take in. The problem is that “you don’t know what you don’t know” Everything you read at first makes you think the world is going to explode within a week.

After as little as a month everything will start to make more sense, and you will have a better idea about what is important, who to learn from and what websites to avoid.

Link: Where to Start & Why

Tip: If a website hasn’t taken the time to add a logo to their website (They only have a title), they probably haven’t taken the time to research what they wrote about…or they stole it from another website.

Tip: If a website won’t let you leave without a popup saying “are you sure you want to leave?” you probably want to leave ASAP.


This is exactly why Lisa and I created the Survivalist Prepper Academy, because we too have been scammed, and we couldn’t find the “good” information when we needed it without searching the internet for hours.

Visit the survivalist prepper Academy

At the Survivalist Prepper Academy we have our Prepping 101 course that helps expedite that process a little bit, and helps you avoid those costly mistakes that we all make.

The Prepping 101 Course goes through the basics of food, water, shelter and shows you how to find the right places with the right information.

We also have other preparedness courses like the First Aid Course, the Bugging out Course and the Navigation Course along with access to wholesale prices on survival and preparedness supplies.

Get your personal affairs in order first

There is much more to prepping other than buying a bug out bag and having food and water stored. Before we buy anything we need to know why or if we need it, and if we can afford it.

Budget: The last thing you want to do is out yourself in more debt on your way to becoming more prepared. You might not hear much about it, but this is one of the most important parts of building a long lasting preparedness plan.

Link: Ways to Reduce Debt & FREE Budget Planner

Link: Earn Extra Money for Prepping

Podcast: Episode 30 Making Money & Economics

Personal Threats Assessment

By doing a personal threats assessment and a S.W.O.T analysis you will get a better idea about what you need before you go out and buy something you thought you needed.

We all know what natural disasters that are more likely in our area, but doing a threats assessment might uncover threats you didn’t even think about.

Link: How to Do a S.W.O.T. Analysis

Email Series: In our email newsletter for new preppers we send an email that includes the personal threats assessment PDF and audio book. Sign up below…


Link: Prepping & Survival when the S hits the Fan

Learning and Skills

Be Prepared for AnythingIf you have read anything from the Survivalist Prepper website or listened to the podcast you know I am huge on learning new skills and mental preparedness. My book “Be Prepared for Anything” which is available on Amazon is more about budgeting and learning how to become more prepared than the supplies themselves.

It is very possible that we could find ourselves with only the clothes on our backs in any SHTF scenario, and we need to learn how to survive in a situation like that.  We have quite a few videos on YouTube, and there is no shortage of information about survival skills.

Link: The S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. Acronym

Link: Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

Podcast: Episode 86 Survival Skills

First Aid Supplies & Skills

First Aid CourseFirst Aid is something that everyone probably knows a little about, but if a disaster strikes you might need to know more than just how to use a band aid. Lisa is an RN so we have quite a bit of information here at Survivalist Prepper about first aid and medications.

We also have the course at the Academy that goes through the basics of first aid, to what supplies you will need in your first aid kit.

Link: Prepping and Fish Antibiotics

Link:How To Dress a Wound And Basic First Aid

Link: First Aid Course at the Academy

Podcast: Episode 45 What Should Go In Your First Aid Kit Part 1

Supplies and Bug out Bags

At some point we all need to buy supplies, but minimizing unnecessary purchases, or bad purchases is crucial when then that money can be better spent elsewhere.

This doesn’t mean buy cheap, this means buy right. I am notorious for wasting money on something that was “a good deal” only to find out that it was junk.

In my opinion this is especially important when purchasing a bug out bag, this is what everything else you buy is going to be in. if the zipper breaks, a strap breaks or it’s the wrong size for your needs it becomes worthless and you have no way to carry what’s inside.

Link: Bug Out Bags Supplies (series) Maxpedition Bug out Bags

Podcast: Episode 75 Prepping Supplies Part 1: Bug Out Bags

Bugging Out

When you first begin prepping you are going to hear a lot about bugging out, as a matter of fact that is how most people are introduced to prepping, “What is bugging out? And why would I do that!?”

The truth is, just about everyone I talk to have no plans to bug out unless there are no other options. However reluctant to bug out we are it’s still something that needs to be included in every bug out plan, and if you do bug out you need to have a place to go.

Link: Bug In vs Bug Out

Link: From Bug Out Location to Survival Homestead

Podcast: Episode 28 Should I Even Think About Bugging Out

Electrical Grid Dependency

Get Ready For a Grid Down Event How Vulnerable is the US Power Grid

Just about everything we do in today’s world revolves around electricity and our power grid, and most disasters that we need to prepare for involve living without electricity. The vulnerability of the power grid ranks very high on my preparedness short list, along with an economic collapse.

The good news is that this is fairly easy to prepare for. There are quite a few options available to us ranging from a simple flashlight to generators to an all-out solar powered home.

Link: Grid Down Energy Options For SHTF & Today

Link: DIY Portable Solar Generator

Link: How Vulnerable is the US Power Grid?

Podcast: Episode 89 Interview With Ken From the Prepper Podcast Part 1

Food Storage

Food storage is also one of the most important parts of preparedness and can be done in many different ways. At first you can start by stocking foods from the grocery store with long shelf lives and then you can move up to the long term food storage options like canning or prepackages long term food.

One thing to remember about food storage is to store what you eat, and eat what you store. You can spend all the money in the world on food, but if your family won’t eat it you wasted your money because it’s probably going to expire. In an emergency they probably will eat it, but what if nothing happens? What are you going to do with all that food?

Link: Long Term Food Storage Techniques & Ideas At the SHTFShop we carry Legacy Foods and have discounts for you here.

Podcast: Episode 44 Food Storage Ideas

Water Storage and Safety

Water, just like electricity is another thing that gets taken for granted these days, we can go just 3 days without water but we start to feel the repercussions of dehydration far before that.

Depending on your situation storing water can be pretty tricky, but it needs to be done none the less. Each person needs about 1 gallon of water per day and if you don’t have room to store that much water you need to know where and how you are going to get it.

Link: Finding Water In the City When the SHTF

Link: Water Filtering and Purification For Preppers

Link: The Basics of Prepping, Think Basics, Think Water

SHTF (Shit Hits the Fan) Information

There is no shortage of information on the internet about what could possibly happen and what we need to prepare for, but we need to be careful about where we get our information. Some people will try to scare you into buying something, some people will give you the wrong information and some people will outright lie about what’s happening.

You are the best judge of your situation, and only you can decide what is important to you and your family. Make sure and do your research, and make sure not to take one person or websites information as fact, just like going to the doctor, get a second opinion.

Link: Surviving An Economic Collapse What Are Your Options

Link: Will the SHTF in Our Lifetime

Link: The Real Black Friday and What to Expect

Prepper Website

PrepperWebsite_ad_300x250One of the preparedness websites that I think is really useful for preppers (especially new preppers) is The Prepper Website. Todd over at Prepper Website adds links to articles that have been published that day and updates the website daily.

What I like about the Prepper Website is that Todd does his research before he posts something on the site. Todd makes a point of only adding quality content to his website from bloggers who are out to help you and I, not take advantage.

I hope you found this article valuable and if you have any questions about a certain website or article just send me an email and I’ll let you know about it if I can. The benefit of running this website is that I have found out who the real preppers are and who the fakes are.


Lisa & Dale