52 Prepping Projects For 2014

Become Better Prepared in 2014As 2014 begins some of us are more prepared than we were when 2013 started, some of us are less prepared because we used some of our supplies without replacing them or some of us have just not had the opportunity to do the things we planned on doing. So I have put a list together to help us become better prepared with 52 prepping projects or “resolutions” for 2014.

If you are like me (and almost everyone else) you probably begin the year with all these wonderful goals and great expectations only to forget all about them in a few weeks. So this year I decided to make some resolutions that I plan on doing anyway, and hopefully the list will keep me on track as the year goes on.

I thought it would be fun to make a checklist of 52 things you can do on your way to becoming more prepared. You can find instructions all over the internet on how to do each of the projects, and some will take over a week, but it is a general list of things you can do, and it may even inspire you to make your own list.

  1. Develop a budget and stick to it.
  2. Eliminated ¼ of your debt.
  3. Develop a food pantry for longer term food storage.
  4. Purchase 5 five gallon buckets with lids to begin long term food storage.
  5. Develop a personal book with all of your important information, and all of your emergency contacts. Include addresses and phone numbers of all important friends and relatives.
  6. Have 3 different ways to cook food safely.
  7. Learn 5 different ways to start a fire.
  8. Create an emergency car kit for every vehicle you own.
  9. Create bug out bags for each of your family members (including your pets).
  10. Create an emergency cash fund in your, gradually increase it to $1000.00.
  11. Find 3 different places you can store enough food and water for your family for a week.
  12. Start a compost pile.
  13. Start a garden, and grow at least 2 different foods.
  14. Plant 4 fruit trees.
  15. Mitigate your property for fire safety (trim back brush, make your exterior as fire proof as you can)
  16. Store 150 gallons of water.
  17. Buy a simple water filter for everyone in your family.
  18. Make a simple every day first aid kit for your family.
  19. Make a more extensive first aid kit for your family
  20. Build a chicken coop (if allowed in your area)
  21. Learn 3 alternative heat sources for your home.
  22. Inspect all doors, windows and openings for drafts. Repair or replace.
  23. Inspect all door locks, and replace if necessary. If there is the possibility someone may have a key to your home, replace all locks. Consider in vesting in deadbolts for added safety.
  24. Increase your physical activity, get in shape.
  25. Have 2 alternatives of transportation.
  26. Build a library for your amassing collection of preparedness and self-reliance books.
  27. Organize your garage (or storage area)
  28. Get rid of the junk! If you have things you don’t use, sell them or get rid of them.
  29. Take a hunter safety/gun safety class.
  30. Service your furnace.
  31. Bake a loaf of bread.
  32. Make homemade jelly.
  33. Can some pickles.
  34. Safeguard your home, and keep your stuff hidden.
  35. Find 4 areas in your home where you could hide some of your food storage.
  36. Make your own cleaning supplies, and use them.
  37. Purchase a small generator, or make one.
  38. Create Jar meals for your food storage.
  39. Have 2 different food sources for example fruit and vegetables that you grow, or livestock.
  40. Determine if in an emergency you would bug out or bug in, and weigh the pros and cons of each reason. Practice your plan.
  41. Know at least 4 ways home, or away from your home in the event of an emergency.
  42. Practice being invisible, meaning don’t make your home or your preps stand out. Do everything you can think of to keep your preps and your family safe in the event of a major life changing event.
  43. Have at least 2 sources of water for your family, for example stored water, and know of at least one other water source that is not from the water that comes from the pipes in your home.
  44. Store at least 10 gallons of gasoline (safely). Start with purchasing gas containers, and have a safe place to store them, then once a week, take an empty gas can with you when you fill up your tank. Add gas stabilizer to it, and number each container. (1,2,3,4…etc) Use the lower numbers first and in order, and when you use it, replace it.
  45. Store at least 2 propane tanks (the size that fits your regular gas grill) in a safe place.
  46. Go camping for your vacation and take only your skills and supplies with you, try to stay away from modern conveniences.
  47. Make extra money using one of your skills, or even by having a yard sale, in order to make enough money for 1 large prep purchase you would really want to have, like a generator, solar electrical system, etc.
  48. Store at least 6 months of toiletries,(toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc) and also have two alternatives for sanitation in case the water stops working.
  49. Learn how to knit, and make potholders.
  50. Know how to acquire food, such as hunting, fishing, tracking, edible plants, etc.
  51. Have three different way to defend yourself and your property.
  52. Get to know at least 2 different people that share your concerns, and share the same ideals as you in becoming more prepared. (And not just on the internet)

The goal is not to complete every item on this list, but to end 2014 better prepared than we entered it and hope that we make it to the end of 2014 without having to put these skills and supplies into action. We never know from one day to the next what life will bring so the more prepared we are for something the better our chances of surviving it are.

If you have any resolutions or ideas that will help become more prepared and self reliant leave us a comment below.




As a registered nurse, a mother of 5 and Dale's wife I post on this website from time to time about what I know and love, Preparing my family to survive any sort of unforeseen situations. Most of my articles will probably be based on medical needs and prepping techniques, but you never know, I may surprise you every now and then.

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