Bug Out Bag Ideas for Beginning Preppers

We hear all the time about what we absolutely need in our bug out bag, and for the most part it’s true. Is putting together a bug out bag for a beginning prepper without a mag bar or a water filter a waste of time?

I believe the answer is twofold. Yes, these supplies are critical to putting together a good bug out bag, but are not going to do us any good if we have no idea how to use them.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is a beginning prepper, and he asked me what should go in a bug out bag? Before I go into detail about what I told him to put in his bug out bag, I want to give a you little backstory. It is becoming a success story about how to get someone interested in preparedness, and it applies to all areas of preparedness…not just bug out bags.

SPP154 Bug Out Bag Ideas for Beginning Preppers


We have been friends for a very long time (even before I became interested in preparedness) so when he asked me about my website, and why I was prepping, I was a little surprised. What surprised me even more was his willingness to learn about it and set aside his preconceived notions. It’s also because of the way I approach our conversations and not go overboard talking about doomsday scenarios.

Addition & Subtraction

To me it’s something like learning math in school, you can’t expect someone to excel in calculus if they don’t even know their times tables. When he asked me what should go in his bug out bag I approached it from the same angel. If someone has never built a fire in their life without lighter fluid, they really have no need for a ferro rod, although learning that skill should be top priority.

The same applies to prepping in general. if you don’t have at least a few gallons of water stored, you shouldn’t be thinking about how to build a water catchment system. If you don’t know how to build a fire and then start it with a ferro rod, you better stock up on Brownie Juice (lighter fluid) and Bic lighters while you learn those skills.

Before I get into the list I gave him for his bug out bag, here are a couple of questions I asked him to get a better idea about not only what supplies he would need, but what supplies that would be useful.

These questions were purposefully general, and I made sure he knew that this was not a judgement, and these were not pass/fail questions. This is just to get an idea about what tools would be useful right now, and what he needed to work on.

  • What is your main concern?
  • If you had to leave your home, who would be going with you? (wife and dog)
  • If you had to leave right now, where would you go?
  • You need to travel 20 miles. If there was a 50% chance the roads were passable, and a near 100% chance of success by traveling on foot, what would you do?
  • Have you ever built a fire?
  • Have you ever built a fire without lighter fluid or newspaper?
  • If you found yourself stranded what would you do for shelter?
  • What resources are available around you? (food, water, shelter) and how could you utilize those resources.
  • If you were dying of thirst would you drink the water from a nearby river?
  • What is the minimum amount of calories per day the body needs per day to function properly?

After thinking about his answers for a little bit, I came up with the following list of supplies for his bug out bag. Keep in mind, this is not a complete all scenario bug out bag, this is more of a “starter kit” for him until he learns more about preparedness and survival.

He also lives in a semi-rural area, so this list doesn’t have the same prepping supplies that an urban bug out bag would.

Suggested Bug Out Bag Items…

Fire Starting Kit…

  • Bic Lighter(s)
  • OSB Matches
  • Vaseline Soaked Cotton Balls (In Kit)
  • Mag Bar

Suggested PDF’s & Learning

I also gave him a list of items he should think about adding to his old cell phone, and skills he should learn. Once he learns these skills, he can add other (better) items to his bug out bag.

  • Learn about building a fire
  • Learn about water filtration
  • Knot tying (important knots)
  • SAS survival guide
  • Using a compass
  • Building shelter

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    • Ben Copeland

      What about a small hand crank radio?

    • Ben Copeland

      What about a hand crank radio?

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        Great idea, I totally forgot about that

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