Conflicted the Game Deck 2 is Coming!I little while ago I wrote an article about Conflicted the game that I had recently heard of. I was so interested in this game that I also had the creator of the game conflicted J.D on our pod cast. What impressed me the most about J.D. was the fact that we has actually knowledgeable about preparedness and not just looking to take advantage of people like we see son much theses days.

Doing the interview also led Lisa and I to go on the Prepper Chicks After Dark show a couple of times where the whole show is playing Conflicted with other well known preppers from around the internet. From SouthernPrepper1 to MomWithAPrep to us here at Survivalist Prepper.

Conflicted Deck 2 – Pre Order Today

Deck 2 of conflicted is scheduled to come out very soon but you can pre order today. In anticipation of the huge interest in the game they are going to let you pre order the game so you can stay ahead of the rat race and get your deck before the waiting list builds up.

Those of you who have played the game know that it is more than just a game, it is a tool that puts you in the survival mindset and forces you to think about those tough decisions you will need to make. We all would like to believe we would do the right thing…but would we?

Even one of our children who isn’t “into” prepping all that much will play this game with us because you just can’t help thinking that you will do the right thing, but as you think about it you begin to dig a little deeper into what events would cause you reactions to change.

The new deck of conflicted features 20 questions 52 brand new scenarios, 20 of them come from preppers from all over the world. Americans, Australians, British and more. We even ave a question in the deck! just click the image above to read the question.

Here is what J.D. emailed us earlier this week…

Why Deck2 is more important than Deck1

Deck2 is a significant step for us. From the very beginning, the 1st goal of Conflicted was to get preppers talking about the subjects everyone avoids.

A second, more intense goal, was to start a conversation between the entire prepper community about the decisions we may have to make after the collapse. Decisions we aren’t ready to deal with mentally and emotionally.

Head over to the website and pre order Conflicted the game Deck 2 today. If you can’t get there today don’t worry the game will be available for a while, but if you are like me you just can’t wait head over and pre order soon…you wont be disappointing.



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    2 replies to "Conflicted the Game Deck 2 is Coming!"

    • Heather Rodgers

      My deck is on it’s way! Can’t wait to see what the differences are from the first deck 🙂

    • James

      I have both of the editions of Conflicted and they both really both make me think. I took my favorite cards from each deck and made a customized deck of my favorite questions.

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