The following is a guest post by Nora Fodor Who is from Hungary. Prepping is somewhat a United States thing, so it’s nice to see interest from other countries. Because of the language barrier I had to edit some of this article, but for the most part it is all Nora and has some great information…enjoy.

When you think about prepping, you think about water, food, shelter and weapons. But most people overlook something. Educating our kids after the SHTF, and we all know that  knowledge is power.

After the SHTF there will be many will not survive, and the people that are left will need to rebuild our society. Think about it, lets say you have children, maybe 10 or 15 years old, in about 20 years or so, they too will have children, that generation can’t read, write and knows nothing about our history.

Eventually we will need people to invent and rebuild, this is what makes education so important in the years following a collapse. Whether they like to admit it or not, children like to learn, and need to learn. Learning is not all about education, as children learn they get a sense of accomplishment, feel more secure and builds stronger relationships between parents and children.

In a SHTF situation you need to have trust in your family and community, not only will we need to work together to build security and resources, we will need to work together to build education and knowledge.

We might not have schools and teachers the way we have it today, and the only option could be homeschooling, I’m not talking so much about algebra, or high physics, I am taking about the basic things first, like the pioneers or the Amish people did it.

You don’t need to print out a lot of worksheets and buy stickers, you can use what you have. Learning is not all about sitting at a desk with a pen and paper, you can find many examples from things we do everyday if you take every opportunity you have and make it a learning experience.

I will prioritize the subjects for you in a list. Teaching your children is not just making a ’’lesson’’ every day, you need to teach your kids for life. It’s important to remember, society and government everywhere in the world wants you to think that only teachers can teach your child, but in my opinion if we take the time to learn how to teach, everybody can pass the knowledge they already have, and even you can teach your child!

So let’s see the list.

Here is one of the notebooks I have put together for some of the subjects listed below.

Image courtesy of: Busy-At-Home
Image courtesy of: Busy-At-Home

Reading and writing: This is essential because you can have a library of books, but it all as useful as toilet paper for someone who can’t read. Reading and writing is the cornerstone of education, without it everything else comes to a stop.

Biology – including hunting, fishing, gardening, and human body:  They need to know how their own body works, about natural medicines. You need to teach about animals also, we don’t need to wait for something disastrous to happen, we need to begin doing this right now.

If you always go to the supermarket and buy frozen hamburger or chicken and some sort of disaster happens, the sight of a dead chicken or rabbit could scare and shock them, making it harder to get them to eat it.

Geography – landscape, weather and topography might not be as important as reading and writing, but knowing how mountains and rivers are formed is not only an essential building block, but things like reading a map, knowing your terrain and understanding weather might be everyday skills.

Math/Physics/Chemistry – Even though children might tell you that there will be no reason to know arithmetic, we use it in everything we do, they need to know a little from these too.

History – As they say “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” If our history is gone then we don’t know who we are. We can learn from history, and we absolutely need to.

And of course cooking, cleaning, hygiene, and everything you want or feel is necessary.

Here’s how I do it?

I am not homeschooling my kids, but I have made a plan for every child, for every year for SHTF situation. You can stock up good (and expensive) children books if you want. I don’t think you need to buy expensive materials for teaching. Plus if you need to bug out, you can only carry your own knowledge, that’s why it’s important to educate yourself first.

In my opinion we only need a pencil and a piece of paper like our grandparents did. My grandfather was one of  the only man I knew that had this most valuable knowledge. He wasn’t a mathematician, but he taught me some of the best things in the world during the summer time, Good old homesteading, about herbs, delivering baby animals and much more.

The best part about this is that nobody can take this knowledge from me, as a mater of fact I am building my prepping skills from this knowledge, not on school education.

Me and my children are learning every day from prepping. We make things together, I can show them how important clean water is and we have a simple chemistry lesson.

Home School GraphI make a plan (like the picture) for every year and for every child. You can buy or download your own planner, but I prefer to make My own… This is mine.

As you can see, there is the year, the month and the days of the week (in Hungarian, because I’m from Hungary). It’s not very complicated, but works very well. I always write my prepping DIY projects in there, and we make or do them together.

If you want to download some worksheets or theme packs, I have found these resources, but remember, use your imagination!


Teaching survival



Human body printable


Lesson Planner

Dental hygiene

Weather printable

Science in the garden

History ( I highly recommend this one)

Free worksheets by grade


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    • Joseph M. Durnal

      Interesting post and something everyone should consider. My children are homeschooled. Like many of today’s home schooled children, a lot of their educational materials are digital. We have made provisions for the failure of that technology, but the subject matter focus doesn’t really change, with the focus being on reading and math. The emphasis on biology as noted in this post is something that should be considered as of greater importance in a world without super markets or hospitals.

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