Creating an emergency binder where you store important information and paperwork are both easy, and important. Although an emergency binder for preppers is a little more detailed than a binder for the average person.

Important Document Storage for Preppers

Last week I covered how to put together an emergency binder for prepper, and the difference between an important document’s binder, and a procedures binder. This week I want to go over what to put that in, and how to protect them.

Most people store their important documents in a desk drawer, a safe or a filing cabinet. We preppers tend to take everything we do to the next level. It’s important that we not only have these important documents in a safe place, it’s important that we can grab them at a moments notice, and that they will survive any disaster scenario.

In the first emergency binders article I briefly covered which fire and water resistant documents bag I use, but I want to go into a little more detail about the different options available, and also some important considerations about putting together your preparedness binder and where to store it.

Documents Bag Options

Below are 5 highly rated fire and water resistant bags I found on amazon. While these bags aren’t 100% guaranteed to survive a home fire (regardless what the manufacturer says) they are highly effective.

All of these fire resistant documents bags are the most effective when stored inside a home safe.

HSS XL Fireproof Safe Document Bag

The HSS XL fire and water resistant bag is 15″ X 11″ X 5″. The HSS is triple layer non-itchy silicone coated fiberglass. This bag also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

This bag comes with a Velcro flap and a zipper for duel protection against fire and water.

This bag is my pick for “best documents bag” and has more reviews on Amazon than any other product, with some people even putting them to the test.

Avlone Fireproof Document Bag

The Avlone is the documents bag that I currently own, but after doing research for this article I might be looking at an upgrade. The reviews are just about as good as the others, but I was impressed by the HSS documents bag.

This bag boasts the same double layer silicone coated fiberglass, and comes with a folding flap and zipper closure for duel protection against water and fire.

15 X 11 Fireproof Bag Document Holder

I couldn’t find the brand name for this bag, but the reason I wanted to add it to the list is because it’s certified by an independent laboratory to the highest Fire Rating in accordance with UL94 and ASTM3801 standards.

This bag is double layer silicone coated fiberglass, and comes with a folding flap and zipper closure for duel protection against water and fire.

It also comes with a Free E Book, Fire Safety 101 covering key prevention strategies including alarms, checks, escape plans.

Blokkd Fireproof Documents Bag

This bag is 16″ X 11.5″ and expands up to 5″ deep. The Blokkd fire and water resistant bags are double layered silicone fiberglass.

The manufacturer states that these can easily withstand temperatures greater than a standard 1,100°F fire to ensure your possessions stay protected.

This bag also comes with a combination lock and lockable zippers (two zippers that meet in the middle) for added security.

This bag has quite a few good reviews on Amazon, with most people commenting on the high quality construction, and also includes a lifetime guarantee.

COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag

The COLCASE Fireproof Document Bag is a slimmer design than the other fire resistant documents bags on this list, The COLCASE is 15″ X 11″ and is perfect for smaller amounts of documents, but limits the space available.

This bag comes with a Velcro folding flap but no zipper, although I’m not so sure how much fire protection you get from a zipper.

The reviews for this bag are also great on amazon, and if you are looking for something with a thinner design, this is for you.

Fire Resistant Isn’t Fireproof  

As you are reading this, it’s important to remember that fire resistant doesn’t mean fireproof, regardless what the manufacturer says. While most of these safes will protect your important documents, if you have items like flash drives, tablets, cell phones, or CD’s you’ll want a UL rated Data/Media safe or firebox. These safes will keep the inside temperature below 135 degrees.

There are two downsides to these fireproof safes though. One being the cost, and the second being portability. As preppers we need to be able to “grab and go”. Hauling your home safe to the car when you need to bug out will be a chore…if not impossible.

Therefore, these fire-resistant documents bags are a good option for prepper. They add another layer of protection against fire and water damage, and we can quickly grab them at a moment’s notice when we need to evacuate.  

While I don’t have a UL rated fire safe, I do keep my important documents inside my safe, and inside a fire-resistant documents bag. While it isn’t as ideal as a data safe, the extra layer of protection unless my safe takes a direct hit.

A good alternative to a large Data/Media safe is a UL rated lockbox for media like this one. While you won’t have the capacity of a full size safe, but it can be stored in a larger safe and protect smaller electrics.

I recently purchased one of these fire boxes, and I’ll be doing a review on my YouTube channel soon.

Because there are so many different types of safes out there, and because the manufacturers claims can be overstated, it’s important we do our research. This article goes over 10 things we should consider before buying a safe.

More Considerations…

As I said earlier, the “fireproof” bag isn’t 100% guaranteed to protects your important documents, and probably won’t protects your flash drives, CD’s and phones. It does however increase your chances significantly, especially in conjunction with other techniques.

FIRE: Having a Media/Data safe is the best bet to protect from a home fire, but using layers can increase the odds of saving your important documents. A fireproof bag inside a sturdy safe, a bag inside a bag inside a safe and so on…

WATER: Flooding and water damage is a little easier to protect your important documents from. LOKSAK makes waterproof bags in a variety of sizes. These are the same bags I use for the Bug Out Bag First Aid Kits, and they are 100% waterproof.

EMP Protection

Most of us crazy preppers are concerned about the threat of an EMP, although it’s quickly becoming a “not so” crazy possibility. Although we can’t protect our larger electronics without a faraday cage, we can protect the smaller supplies that will fit on a documents bag.

There are quite a few EMP or Faraday bag on the market, and just like everything else, be leery about what they claim. These bags form Faraday Defense are a good low cost option, and these from Mission Darkness are higher quality. You could even combine the two for added protection from EMP’S.

Ideas & Thoughts?

There are quite a few options and techniques when it comes to important documents and storage for preppers, and if you have any thoughts we would love to hear them. Leave a comment below and let us know?


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