Matter of Facts and Survivalist Prepper: Bugging In Or Out

If you are like me you have probably read a hundred articles, listen to a bunch of podcasts about bugging out, and still want more. This week Lisa and I were guests on the Matter of Facts podcast hosted by Phil and Andrew talking about bugging out, as well as a few other subjects.

We had such a good time on their show, I took a segment of it and replayed it on our podcast. The full podcast will be out tomorrow (Friday the 22nd) at For those of you who haven’t listened to the Matter of Facts podcast, I highly recommend them. They talk about preparedness and firearms, with a little politics sprinkled in.

SPP220 Matter of Facts and Survivalist Prepper: Bugging In or Bugging Out


When it comes to bugging in vs bugging out, there are quite a few differences we need to consider. Each requires a different mindset, different skill set, and different supplies. While bugging out is almost always a last resort, bugging in (back to your home) may not be a choice.

I get the question all the time “Why do I need a bug out bag? I’m not going anywhere!” My answer is that while none of us plan on bugging out, if we have no choice, and the situation requires it, we need to be ready.

In this podcast we didn’t go too much into supplies, but rather how each persons situation is different. Where you live will be a factor, where you work will be a factor and your physical ability will be a factor.

Here are a few of the bullet points we covered in this show, but in the full podcast we covered much more. Along with the points below we covered silencers, homesteading and food storage.

Bugging Out & Bug Out Bags

  • My bag sits in my car along with other supplies, but I need to be ready to hoof it at a moment’s notice. At that point I need to decide what to take, and what to leave.
  • Bugging out is longer term than bugging in (getting home). It requires planning for 3 days or more.
  • What you can carry is different than what you should carry.
  • Your physical fitness will determine what you can take, and how far you can go.
  • Learning the right skills means carrying less supplies.
  • Keeping your feet healthy is critical.

Bugging In & Get Home Bags

  • Bugging in means knowing different routes and planning for those.
  • Even if the trip should be short, don’t plan on it. Plan on spending the night, plan for the worst case scenario.
  • Bugging in requires supplies for a short trip, and supplies to get you from point A to Point B quickly and safely.
  • Will your neighbors be helpful or a hindrance?
  • Can you create (or do you have) a support group that will help you stay put.
  • How do you maintain operational security.
  • Wearing the proper clothes for the weather & environment.

More About the MOF Podcast…

You already know that the MOF podcast is available on iTunes and any other podcasting app, but they also have a YouTube channel, a Facebook group, and they are also on Instagram. Make sure and check them out, and let them know you found them through our podcast.


Survival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. You can also find me on Google Plus and Twitter

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