Preparing for SHTF A Reality CheckAs preppers we try to think about every SHTF possibility we can, but preparing for any sort of SHTF event isn’t as cut and dry as we sometimes make it out to be. While it’s important to think about every possibility, and think about all the “what if’s” the chances are very little will go according to plan.

As preppers we try to think about cause and effect. What could cause a SHTF event, and what affect will that have on my family. In the case of an actual SHTF event, we won’t be able to write the script, we need to have the ability to pivot and make critical decisions at a moment’s notice.

The 6 P’s is what prepping is really about. The 6 P’s are “Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” The larger scenarios are fairly easy to prepare for, but it’s only when you dig a little deeper that you get the full grasp of what might happen in different SHTF scenarios.

SPP166 Preparing for SHTF: A Reality Check


Puzzle PiecesBelow are a few things to think about as you are preparing. Prepping is sort of like putting together a puzzle. It is fairly easy to put together the main part, but it gets more difficult as you work around the edges.

Being truly prepared means having the knowledge to react to any given situation, and put that puzzle piece in the right spot when the clock is ticking.

Not Every Scenario Includes Scenes From Mad Max

It’s somewhat natural to think of every SHTF situation as a total collapse, but in reality there are much more likely scenarios that don’t include a total collapse. As we think about a SHTF situation we tend to go to the extreme (I do anyway) our mind takes us to the worst case scenario.

Now I’m not saying we need to ignore these large scale disaster scenarios, but because we live in a first world country (and the greatest country on earth) a Mad Max scenario is highly unlikely. I’ll explain more as you continue reading.

The Government Is Not Going Away

Even though we hear a lot about WROL (without rule of law) the chances or our government (or some sort of government) being completely out of the picture is highly unlikely.  There is a caveat to this though, especially in the short term.

If something were to happen quickly, the government wouldn’t be able to respond meaning every man (woman) for himself. This would also create a martial law scenario until the powers that be figure out how to get their control back.

A government might not be the same people that hold office today, but someone, somewhere is going to see an opportunity and seize it. This could be people that hold lower offices today, or it could be other countries coming in and taking advantage.

Every Situation Will Be Fluid

The ability to change course during a disaster scenario is critical to our survival. There are some things we can plan and prepare for, and some things that we just need to wait and see how it unfolds.

If and when there is an economic collapse, how you handle it depends on how quickly it happens, how extreme it is, and how prepared you are for it.

If Martial Law were enacted it could mean a number of different thigs depending on where you live, why it was enacted and how other people around you are reacting.

Life’s Still Going to Suck

No matter how prepared you are, your daily life is going to change. All of these daily conveniences we “just can’t live without” might all be gone or even just unaffordable. Weekly trash service could be gone, cell phones could be useless, and electricity in general could be gone.

In some cases, we would be waiting until everything goes back too normal, and in some cases we would have to adapt to the new normal. The more we are prepared now, the easier this transition will be, but we still need to be ready for a huge lifestyle change.

They Might All Be Bad…But Don’t Bet On It

We have talked quite a bit about how important community is, and how the lone wolf route is a bad idea because people need people.  None of us can do everything, so having others in our inner circle can only help our survival plans…as long as they are the right people.

This can be easier said than done though right? We don’t want to let someone in that will derail our preparedness plan, or put us in danger. On the other side of the coin though, we don’t want to give our neighbors the perception that we are the bad guys because we are reclusive and mysterious.

You Don’t Have What You Think You Have

We all know that unexpected things are going to happen in any sort of SHTF event, and that a SHTF event could be cause by a number of different things.  Because of this it’s really impossible to say that you are prepared for defined amount of time.

Food might spoil, people might get added to your group, your supplies might be stolen, or even something as simple as people not following your rationing plans could lower your expected supply timeline.

What we do is take what we have and divide it by 2. Over the course of a month this is not all that important, but over the course of a year many things can, and will change.

Hunting Won’t Be That Easy

Quite a few people think they are going to grab their guns and go out and kill dinner, but that might not be as easy as it sounds. First, there aren’t as many animals out there as there used to be, and second there are a lot more people these days.

Another thing to consider is how good are you at hunting? Hunting isn’t as easy as grabbing your gun, putting on some cammo and heading out to get dinner. You’re going to need tracking skills, you’re going to need to know where to look, and you need to keep in mind that you won’t be alone.

TFHT Predictive Programming

predictive programmingIn the Tin Foil Hat Time segment of the show this week Lisa and I talked about what predictive programming is, and how we fall for it all the time. Here are some of Lisa’s notes for the show.

First we need to understand what  predictive programming is…

Predictive programming is basically how the media is used to influence and guide society, for example to impose a belief and value system on society at large. Have you heard of the term propaganda?

This is from the website The Coincidence Theorist. For predictive programming to work as a valid form of psychological conditioning, the following set of general rules and assumptions have to be made:

  • A group of powerful people (with a common agenda) might be able to exert a special influence over the entertainment industry.
  • People are less likely to resist societal developments that they’ve already been familiarized with.
  • The messages planted within fiction can vary in terms of their subtlety, ranging from subliminal clues to important plot points.
  • Although predictive programming prepares people for large social change, specific events can also be foreshadowed.
  • The exact contexts of the “predictions” (and the subsequent reactions of the characters within the story) aren’t strictly important.

To give you an example of how to spot predictive programming, take some words from one of our political candidates right now. Hilary Clinton made a comment toward Donald Trump of how he is caught up with conspiracy theories, yet in the same breath she made a comment of how Vladimir Putin is using Americans as spies to find out the secrets of the Democratic Party, and that Russia will be involved in causing her to lose the election.

First and foremost, she just created a conspiracy theory. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! She also made references to the KKK, and racism, which if you know anything about history, the Democratic Party is the party responsible for the KKK, as well as pushing racism. But that is another point entirely.

The point is she is already placing ideas into people’s heads about Russia, and that we need to be wary of other countries, such as Russia. She is planting the seed that Russia is bad, and we need to defend ourselves against them. This is a blatant example of predictive programming.

Most of the population won’t even pay attention to a comment like this now, but what if she becomes our leader? Can you see where her deep hatred would be transformed during her rule into provoking a war with Russia?

Our “leaders” (greedy pigs run by handlers) have an agenda, and the chosen few, or top 1% have their own agenda and the use their puppets, like Obama, and Clinton etc. to promote and push their agenda onto us, the dumb public.

They plant seeds into our brains, and then the majority of people buy into it. Pay attention to the little seeds they are planting. If you have a funny feeling in your gut, pay attention to it, because something deep inside of you is telling you something isn’t right.

Predictive programming is placing the concepts into our heads, so we see this as normal, and we accept it. Examples of predicative programming in our past can be found in many movies, as well as comments made by political leaders:

  • Hilary Clinton’s comments in regard to Russia
  • Barak Obama focusing on police officers being bad
  • The race war (made to keep the general population fighting amongst themselves

Movies and Tv:

  • Minority report (introducing controversial technology)
  • Enemy of the State introducing controversial technology)
  • The Simpsons (introducing foreshadowing of events to happen, like 9/11)
  • 2001 a Space Odyssey from 1968 (and then we landed on the moon?)
  • World War Z, Independence Day, Armegeddon (preparing the masses for a disaster or significant event)

And what about the little subtleties in movies letting us know things that are not ok are the norm, and socially accepted, things like Martial law, or the UN coming in and taking over in the USA, sure this is ok, because they have been programming us to accept it.

This Months Contest

Here is the video I did with the prizes for this months contest. You can go here to place your entries for the contest.



Survival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. You can also find me on Google Plus and Twitter

    2 replies to "Preparing for SHTF: A Reality Check"

    • Chuck Teal

      I have an addition to your list of TV shows under ‘predictive programming’: The TV series ‘Person of Interest'(invasive technology and a global domination plot) and ‘The Last Ship’ (global pandemic, the dissolution of the United States, war with China, the segmented US becoming totalitarian states, and an insurgency to resurrect the Union).

    • Jonn C.

      It’s not terribly difficult to discern your political affiliation from the examples posted to illustrate predictive programming (i.e. Clinton and Obama). While I’m not coming to their defense or disagreeing with your assessment, I do think turnabout is indeed fair play. Read up on confirmation bias, especially as it relates to the other side of the fence. Point is, they *all* do it to a greater or lesser degree. I can’t help but wonder why Trump’s utilization of these exact same techniques (and most agree he’s a master at it) wasn’t mentioned. Perhaps you’re more prone to this kind of programming than you might initially think, but much less aware of it if it validates and reinforces the narrative already playing in your head.

      Just food for thought.

      Thanks for the podcasts. Always an enjoyable listen.

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