In the past 4 years, we have seen more than ever how dysfunctional and corrupt our government is. Yet more than ever people are entrenched on opposite sides of the fence. If you vote a Republican you are an uneducated, xenophobic, racist. If you a Democrat you are sheep that wants to take away our guns, our liberties, and flood the country with illegal immigrants.

The sad truth is we no longer see ourselves as Americans first and Democrat or Republican second.  The sad truth is that we have allowed our public officials to pit us against each other for their personal gain. If we allow this to continue much longer, these elected officials will run this country into the ground, and there will be no America to fight for.

We treat the government like it is a sports league. While there are some people on our team we do not like, we hate everyone on the other team regardless. The problem is this is not a game. It is literally the future our country, and our children’s futures we are playing games with.

I am all for the free market and capitalism. If you build a business and become wildly successful, good for you. What I’m not for is our elected officials getting rich on the backs of Americans. Yet somehow this is a side note to most Americans. Our politicians can send billions of dollars across the globe and line their pockets, so long as they say the right things about gay marriage or immigration.

If people would stop and think about how many of our tax dollars are wasted in Washington DC and demand accountability, things could change. What would this country look like if it were run responsibly “FOR THE PEOPLE” as intended? Healthcare, a balanced budget, the national debt, none of these should be an issue with the amount of money the government is raking in. Yet here we are.

The truth is, there are only a few people this government works for, and it is not you and me.

The Covid Crisis

This last Covid relief bill and spending bill should have been a slap in the face to the American people. Instead, it is a perfect example of how they can dangle a carrot in front of our face and get away with whatever that want. American businesses and families are getting decimated, yet it is perfectly acceptable to send 100’s of billions of dollars to other countries. This is basically like opening credit cards in your children and grandchildren’s name, and then paying the rent for half your neighbors.

Unfortunately, most people in this country do not care. Most people are happy to take the crumbs that fell on the warehouse floor, while all the cookies get sent elsewhere. Our politicians know this, they exploit this, and things will never change if we continue to allow it.  

This attempt at a spending bill shows exactly what little regard these politicians have for the American public. Usually, these things happen behind closed doors with little fanfare, but they decided that even with all eyes on them, they could push it through.

The sad part is that it probably will go though. As peasants in the food lines, we have been trained to “take what you get” and be happy about it. All while the kings and queens stand in their ivory towers and act like our saviors.

People will blame President Trump for denying the American public needed relief during this pandemic, but the fault lies with the establishment itself. If these politicians really cared about our needs, something would have been done long ago, and without all the unnecessary spending included.

Festivus Report & Government Waste

Each year Rand Paul puts out what he calls his “Festivus Report” which spotlights government waste. This year he cited $54 Billion that he sees as unnecessary government spending. This report put together by Senator Paul is just one example of how big and unmanageable our government has become.

When you factor in the endless wars and foreign aid, this $54 billion is a drop in the bucket of the wasted tax dollars we give the government each year. Yet we do not care because this is what we pay to be Americans right?

I wonder how many people would be willing to pay this price, or how many people would demand accountability if they had to cut a check each month the federal government. It was not for our convenience that the government decided taking payroll taxes out before it ever reached our pockets was a good idea. It was because if we never saw it, it didn’t exist.

If every person in the United States had to write a check every 3 months to the government, I guarantee there would be more demand for accountability. Once again, that is not the American way. As long as we have our big screen TV’s, our cellphones in hand, and a social media platform to vent on, we’ll happily be lead like sheep to the slaughter.

Freedom of the Press

The freedom of the press, protected by the First Amendment, is critical to a democracy in which the government is accountable to the people. A free media functions as a watchdog that can investigate and report on government wrongdoing.

To me the MSM shares much of the blame for the problems in government. As supreme court justice Hugo Black wrote in 1971 “The press was to serve the governed, not the governors.” Yet the press is increasingly becoming another arm of the government.  

These days it is less about uncovering government corruption (unless your name is Trump) and more about spewing political talking points to ensure their network is “friendly” to different politicians. Unwittingly or intentional, I will let you decide, but these politicians know exactly how to play the game.

If these media outlets were really concerned about uncovering corruption in DC we would be hearing just as much about China right now as we did about Russia for the last 4 years. The viewers do not want them bashing their team, the politicians do not want them covering it, and these networks want their ratings.

On top of that you have the tech giants that have decided we are not smart enough to formulate our own opinion, and therefore feel censorship is necessary to maintain the narrative. This is a slippery slope we are heading down, and one I am not sure we can come back from at this point.

Closing Thoughts

As preppers we have been concerned about the national debt and the economy for as long as I can remember. The issue is our politicians seem to be less interested than ever before. Is this because they know this hole is too deep to get out of? Do they have other plans in place that us peasants are not ware of?

In my opinion there are only two options available. We come together AS AMERICANS and vote every single one of these politicians out of office, or continue this course and wait for everything to implode. I don’t see much hope for the first option.

On the Duff & Dale podcast we’ve talked about the Great Reset, a Global Economy, and how everything seems to be going according to plan, whether we like it or not.

Below is a video we did a little while back about government corruption & the China Influence.  We do live shows on the Duff&Dale YouTube channel here every Friday if you want to join in.


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