Tools for Survival - Technology VS Nature

We all know we need tools for survival, but what do we do if and when everything we have stockpiled is gone? Can we do without the technology we have today? All of these things make our lives easier but if push comes to shove could you make some of these tools if you had to?

Not all of us want to be mountain men or outdoors men or woman, but there every well could come a time in the future when primitive skills will become necessary. The tools we have now will only last so long, and having the knowledge and ability to makes some of these tools and weapons could give us an upper hand when everyone else has nothing.

Let’s say the power grid goes down of over a month, let’s say you don’t even need to leave your home. How are you going to heat your home or cook when your lighters run out?

Let’s say you do need to bug out, what will you do when all of your supplies have been depleted leaving you with only the tools in your head? As a matter of fact, the only thing we can be absolutely sure of are the tools in our head. People can take our physical belongings, but they can’t take what we have stored in our melons.

From something as simple as knowing how to tie a knot to building an all-out shelter, these primitive skills are not just useful in deep in the woods, they can be useful anywhere, at any time.

Anyone who thinks they can just go out in the wilderness or anywhere for that matter and survive long term is not being realistic. There are far too many variables like family makeup, geography and knowledge. Knowing these primitive skills might be the most important part, what we see on TV is different than what we could encounter in the real world.

The great thing about these skills is we can start to practice them right now, in our back yard, in our garage or even our living room. The more we practice, the better we will get, and the better prepared we will be in any SHTF event.

It’s important to remember that even though we have some pretty fancy tools these days, most of them come from something invented in the past, and some of these tools that we use today can be made using a little ingenuity and primitive skills.

From the tires on our cars to the hammers we use to build houses, most of these tools are just a more efficient way of doing things.

These tools are great to have, and we should have them. But knowing how to make and use these primitive tools and weapons could give as a little bit of an edge if things go sideways, and sometimes a little bit is all we need.

MacGyverisimsLet’s look at a few of these and get an idea about how some of this stuff we take for granted everyday can be made with a little knowledge, ingenuity and what Les Stroud calls “MacGyverisims”

Unfortunately we live in a world where there is trash everywhere. But if we know the fundamentals of primitive tool making, we can take that trash and re-purpose it into something useful.

Survival Tools: Fishing Tackle

Survival Fishing


I personally think that everyone should have some sort of fishing tackle with them in their bug out bag no matter where you live. Fishing might be the easiest way of finding calories in a SHTF situation.

Although you can be successful using these primitive techniques for fishing they are time intensive and harder to catch a fish if you don’t practice the skill.

Here as an article from Alderleaf that goes into detail about a few different primitive fishing techniques.

Survival Tool: Cordage & Knots

Knots and cordage


This might be one of the most valuable survival skills to have. Knowing how to tie different kinds of knots could be the difference between your shelter blowing off in the wind and a shelter that will withstand what mother nature has to offer.

Cordage is something that we can never have enough of, and although making cordage takes practice and some skill, it never hurts to know what plants can be used to make cordage.

Have a look at this video about 7 basic knots. 

Survival Tools: Snares & Traps

survival traps and snares


OK, so most of us probably don’t have a bear trap laying around the house, but this can also be a good way of finding needed calories in a survival situation.

Regardless of your living situation (urban or rural) trapping small game is possible, I just wouldn’t practice in city park right now…you might get in some trouble.

There are quite a few different traps and snares you can make from a dead fall trap to some simple snares. You also need to consider the calories you will burn setting these traps, one trap is not going to cut it, you will need to set 10 or 20 traps to increase your odds.

You will also need to know where these animals travel. If you can find game trails, animal scat or tracks you will have a better chance of being a successful trapper.

Survival Tools: Stone Tools

Stone tools and weapons


Primitive tools are the great great grandfathers of the tools and weapons we use today. The tools we have today are much more efficient but like I said earlier what will you do if you have nothing?

Chipping a rock to give it a sharp edge is called flintknapping. This video shows how it’s done.

If we learn the basics of cordage, tying knots and how these primitive tools work we can make one of these tools with the trash we find around us. We can all throw a rock, but can you attach a sharpened rock to a stick and make a spear?

There is also plenty of trash and resources we will probably be able to find in an urban area as well. there will be metal, wires, old wood and possibly even fuel scattered around in a post collapse situation, we just need to know what we are looking for.

Survival Tools: Containers and Utensils

Survival Containers and dishes


This is something we all kind of take for granted, but in a survival situation what would you do if you found a great water source but had no way to bring it with you?

Containers are useful for boiling water, cooking, carrying supplies and many other things.  A metal container would be ideal but even if you have to use wood or pottery you can still get the job done…people have been doing it for thousands of years.

Get to know what your options are and think outside the box, you might be surprised at what you can use as a container when you need to, after all necessity is the mother of invention right?

Survival Tools: Fire Starting

Survival fire starting


Starting a fire will be critical to survival regardless of your situation. This is another thing we tend to take for granted because all we have to do is “flick our bic” and we have fire.

There are 100 different ways of starting a fire if we have the knowledge to do so. Fire starts before you even get the spark, you need the right tinder, and the right tools to successfully make a fire.

Practicing how to get a fire started now will increase your chances of actually getting a fire started when it literally means life and death.

Primitive skills give us a foundation to build on. For example, if we know how to make a friction fire from a bow drill or a hand drill, we can then take that knowledge and use it in an urban area where you might not need to chop a tree down, but there might be other supplies around us we can use and you will know what type of wood to look for or other supplies that might make your job easier.

We don’t need to be a “Wilderness survivalist” but it is important to learn some of these primitive skills and know how they will be useful regardless of your living situation. We very well could find ourselves in a position to have to forage, build shelter and keep ourselves warm and as comfortable as possible in an urban setting as well as a wilderness setting.

7 Pillars to Primitive Skills Workshop

sevenpillars primitive skills

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      Great reminders. I try to pickup manually operated tools and drill bits for wood and metal when I visit the flea markets periodically. Hardest ones to find are for Left-Handers.

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