Have Your Prepping Priority’s ChangedIn early November I did a video about what to expect after the winner of the Clinton/Trump election was announced. In that video, I talked about how my preparedness plans would change depending on who won the election.

While I was right about how the people would react to a Trump election, I completely underestimated the lengths that the main stream media and the establishment would sink to discredit a fairly elected president of the United States of America.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, we are starting to get a clearer picture of how things might unfold over the next 4 years. All of this has caused me to reassess my prepping priorities. While my main concern remains an economic collapse, there are other issues that might need a little extra consideration at this point in time.

A Nation Divided

It seems that more than ever our nation is divided. Not divided by race or social class, but more by political affiliation. I think this is the result of not really having big issues to worry about. Life is good in America, and it’s been 75 years since WW2, so most people alive today have no idea what a real national crisis is.

Generally speaking, Americans are spoiled. Our small issues become big issues because we don’t have any big issues to be concerned about. I understand that something like a job loos can be a big issue, but it pales in comparison to WW3.

These days, the mainstream media can literally dictate American sentiment. From our education system, to what we watch on TV, everything is geared towards socialism. If you read Alt Right media, you are labeled a “white supremacists”, and because Donald Trump is so polarizing he gets labeled as “Hitleresque” by the MSM, and people who have no idea who Hitler really was.

Another problem is social media and all the keyboard warriors out there. Everyone can have a voice in the conversation, and their opinions become their facts. Public sentiment has become more important than facts, and everyone is guilty until proven innocent because of this.

SPP188 Have Your Prepping Priority’s Changed?


In this weeks show we talked about how our preparedness plans have changed, and some concerns I have in the short term, along with some that might be long term. We went into much more detail about these in the show, but here is a list of what we talked about.

5 Important Disaster Scenarios

For those of you that know me, an economic collapse has always been a top priority when it comes to prepping. While that remains a MAJOR concern of mine, there are a few disaster scenarios that have moved up on my threat assessment scale.

Civil Unrest

paid protestsWith everything going on these days, and everyone just waiting for something to protest, civil unrest has become one of my top prepping priorities. The protests themselves don’t concern me, the fact that 90% of these “peaceful protests” turn into riots does.

Free speech only applies if you agree with the main stream, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that there are people behind the scenes stirring the pot. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I can see this situation escalating and becoming a bigger danger.

Situational Awareness: Anything can happen at any time, and we need to be ready for it to happen. This article from BearingArms talks about avoiding riots, having everyday carry items and the OODA Loop Lisa mentioned in the show.

Martial Law: With all the protests riots going on, lead by the extreme left, Martial Law being enacted is a very real possibility. If this continues, it’s only a matter of time before the right stands up to have their voice heard. This could lead to major clashes, especially if you live in urban areas.

Civil War: I don’t think that a Civil War would necessarily look like “The Civil War” looked like, but over time it could become that. Some would argue that we are already in the early stages of a civil war, and I can’t say I totally disagree. This country was created with checks and balances, and needs both Democrats and Republicans to survive. If one side or the other gains too much power, our republic will cease to exist.

Armed Conflicts

armed conflictsLike it or not, President Trump is not one to sit back and let someone take advantage of this country. In the show I talked about how we cant just sit back and let a bully take our lunch money day in and day out, and that’s what we have been doing. Eventually we need to just punch the bully in the mouth, because if we don’t pretty soon it’s not just your lunch money they want.

Iran and North Korea:  No one in their right mind wants to escalate the situations in Iran and North Korea, and I am not advocating for that. At the same time, these countries are powder kegs, and just like the national debt, the more we ignore it, the bigger the problem gets.

Nuclear Conflicts: We all hope nothing like this never happens, but the reality is that some really bad people have access to nuclear weapons. On top of that, most of these countries don’t really like the United States and have these weapons pointed at us or our allies.

The Friend of My Enemy:  I’ve talked about Iran and North Korea quite a bit, but Russia will always be a wild card, and China is sitting back quietly, waiting to take our place at the top of the hill. My point is that just because someone is “on our side” right now doesn’t mean that can’t change very quickly. It seems that the lines are being drawn, and sides are being picked for the next world war.

Economic Collapse

Economic collapse dollar billAn economic collapse will always be high on my preparedness radar, at least until it finally collapses. I don’t know enough about the money manipulation and the games being played behind the scenes to know exactly when this will happen, but I do know it eventually will.

Even more concerning is that people seem to be more concerned about a refugee being inconvenienced at an airport, than the economic problems that will eventually directly affect everyone single of us.

Too Far Gone: The idea that a president can fix everything is ridiculous. The president can submit a budget, but it’s up to the house and senate to pass budget resolutions. These people are in the business of getting reelected, and telling people they can’t have something they can’t afford is a sure fire way of losing an election. Americans want their toys and lifestyle, whether they can afford it or not.

The Big Questions: We don’t know how Trumps economic policies are going to pan out. I think most of us are pretty hopeful, but even if he is the most successful US president in history, it will only be a drop in the bucket. The best we can hope for is to have a little extra money in our pockets, and use that to prepare for the inevitable.

Facing Reality: As I said earlier, if a politician were to say “we need to tighten our belts, and make some sacrifices” they would be run out of office. No one wants to face reality because they don’t need to. If you don’t pay for your home or your car, they take it. People think that the national debt is the politicians problem, even though most Americans would never elect someone that REALLY wanted to fix the problem.

The Power Grid

power grid failure banks closedThe US power grid has been and continues to be a huge problem, and the average American doesn’t even realize it. Most people think of a power outage as an inconvenience that denies them use of their phones and the internet. But the reality is, that would be the least of our problems.

In a large scale power outage the supply lines would be affects, our digital currency would be useless and even something as simple as no traffic lights could create massive problems. If we had to go without electricity for more than a month, the results would literally be catastrophic.

EMP/CME: In this article I talked about how probable an EMP is, and in this one I went over preparing for a CME. Both of these should be important to preppers because it would change our lives. There would be no flipping the breaker to get the lights back on, it could mean a lengthy rebuilding process of the power grid.

Cyber Attacks: There has been a major uproar lately about “Russian hacking”, but the reality is hacking someones Gmail account doesn’t take a tech genius. Could you imagine if Wall Street was hacked? Could you imagine if critical parts of our infrastructure were hacked and shut down? Cyber Warfare is no longer science fiction…it’s science fact.

Terrorism: The face of terrorism is always changing, and we need to be proactive about it, not reactive. Terrorists are always looking for the easiest way to do the most amount of damage, and I guarantee attacking our power grid is on their minds. I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened in a European country yet because it’s so easy for terrorists to infiltrate their society.

Life Changing/Country Changing event

Expect-the-unexpectedThis list is how likely I feel some of these disaster scenarios are, and how my prepping priorities have changed. However, this does not mean I take any of these threats less serious than the others. We always need to expect the unexpected, and watch for the curve ball. If we focus too much on one area we are bound to get blindsided by something we should have seen coming.

There are also quite a few other disaster scenarios that I didn’t put on this list, like natural disasters, and disasters that hit closer to home like death, illness and job loss. If you have anything you would add to the list, let me know in the comments below…



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Survival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. You can also find me on Google Plus and Twitter

    3 replies to "Have Your Prepping Priority’s Changed?"

    • Hunter Knight

      I have tried on numerous occassions to seek out a Substantiated and Trustworthy Group to be Active with, and I have yet to find anty Results in my Area. I realize that the Type Group(s) I am lookin for are not about putting themselves out t eteran here to be Keyed in on and that is exatly he Type Group I am seeking in my Area. I am a Retired Veteranand am not Particularly Happy with the City Living and am Looking for a Camp that I can hopefully get involved with that might be able to Appreciate my Committment to a WorthWhile Cause and Possibly Contact me to see if There might be a Place for me in Their Community. I am Self-Sustained, and wold like to Contribute with a Group that is of the same Type Understanding. I appreciate your Site and also do Appreciate the Informative Info. you Put out for the Serious Minded and Undersatnding that this is Not some game Pople should Take Lightly. Thanks for your Time and Consideration in this matter! I look forward to a responce soon.
      Respectfully, Hunter(USAR)

      • American Patriot

        Look into American Patriot III%. They’re a national, non-militant, law-abiding organization. NOT MILITIA. Many members are preppers and survivalists and some are members for the defensive training. I can’t speak for the training conducted in your area but making contact would be a way to get started.

    • TechQn

      Good info, I for one have moved my items around as well….
      I watch and listen and I believe that it will most likely come from the left pushing to hard…
      IE..CA is a state that isn’t completely left minded…there are far more moderates here than people understand, or see…..AND There are at least 21 counties (mainly in the north and inner east) that have been trying to break away from CA and form their own State. Mainly because we are tired of not being represented equally and it’s become more of a ‘mob-rules’ mentality. We have tried to break off via standard senate approval vote, but noooo the left wants to keep us under their heal…after all we have the waters, the dams and the agriculture for their big cities and they want to control that completely.

      Lines are being drawn even as I type this…..CA is trying to pass it’s SB45-(Sanc-State) legislature.
      Well not only is it being shoved down our throats without a voter approval, but it was written by a state legislator who has admitted he has a large family of illegals AND changed his name so it was more ‘palatable’ and doesnt show his heritage…..

      The people in charge of the CA senate actually believe that all of CA is on board with this and have failed to understand that it’s really only the larger cities which may ‘kinda’ be ok with it.
      Of course if ‘the people/voters’ were to actually READ the bill, they would see that the state is offering to protect every illegal including felonious ones like ‘Human traffickers, child abusers, gang bangers, and assaulters! ….
      Believe it or not The senate actually TRIED to get ‘murders and armed assault added to the list, but some senators balked (yes, hard to believe but true, child abusers are ok, but murder is where they draw the line)
      Of course the MSM could inform voters if it wanted, but it doesn’t show up in MSM papers and unless you watch Fox, or read alternative sites your blind to the info.

      So the countdown has most likely begun….if they pass this, which is most likely, it will pit the Fed against CA state…with the people caught in between….CA will lose its Fed Funding, causing mayhem, (except for some counties and cities that voted to uphold the fed laws)…. and as we all know from past history it was that very same issue (state vs fed) that began the civil war in the past….
      CA gov has lost its mind and they are so far gone they dont care what it takes to get their way. Hell they even have a thing called CalExit, which has funding from Mexico (and some say China)….

      So I honestly feel that our time is almost up, its coming…. and everyone needs to hold on tight, or pray the lines are erased and more level heads prevail….because if it does come, it will spread like wildfire. .

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