As the temperatures begin to rise I find myself getting a little restless wanting to head up to the mountains and practice with some of the supplies I have, and practice some of the skills I’ve been learning about over the winter. This show goes over what exactly my goals are this year and what I plan on working on when I go camping.

A few listeners of the podcast have given me some ideas about what we can do this year to make it a little more interesting for all of us. A couple that I have been thinking about are the Outdoor Challenge and the Survival Box Exchange.


Outdoor Challenge

I still haven’t figured out how I am going to do this yet, but the plans right now are to have anyone who wants to do a video about something they have done be able to show everyone. You can email me the video and I will put it up on the Survivalist Prepper YouTube channel, or you can add it to your own and let me know.

From making fire, filtering water or building a shelter we all have different thing that we can teach to others, even if it seems really simple to us.

Survival Box

I got this idea from Dan in the Apoco-List and it sounds like a great idea to me. This video explains what it is. I want to do basically the same thing with a few different twists. You take some supplies and send it to someone who wants to join and they need to let us know how it went.

There will be a list of supplies that we can bring, and a list of supplies that are excluded. For example, someone would need to bring their own survival knife, water filter and clothing, but the less expensive stuff would be included in the survival box.

The person sending the box will also send a list of items you can take and items you can’t.

If you have any ideas about how this could work, or how to make it better fill out the contact form at the end of the page.

One thing to remember. You can’t do the “as seen on TV” stuff. Trapping, cutting wood etc. so we need to set realistic expectations for people. This should be fun, not an “i’m better than you” contest.

My Goals This Year…

Here are a list of my goals this year. These goals all intertwine and while you are practicing one thing you are also working on another. What goals do you have this year?

  • Test survival supplies and do some reviews.
  • Work on tracking – animal habits.
  • Plant identification in my area.
  • Shelter building – And using it.
  • Work on navigation – Get Lost.
  • Spend 3 days alone in the woods with my BOB.
  • Practice with my long bow – I’m not quite ready for hunting yet.

I Also Talked About…

  • My process of building a small solar battery charger.
  • legacy foods discounts. [click here]
  • My plans for the next SPTV episode
  • Update on what I’m doing and not doing this year at the BOL.

Personal Survival Kit Video

New to Prepping?

If you are just beginning your preparedness journey you will find this video very helpful. Along with this video we will be sending you some email’s over the next few weeks that will give you some tips and resources to make life a little easier. Click here to watch the video.

The Preparedness Myth…

The preparedness Myth video series will also help even if you have been doing this for a while. It will give you tips about saving money, organization as well as a few bonuses along the way. Click here to watch the video.

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      Glad the fires are for atmosphere and not for warming up , again years for springtime , , lol

    • mary and Tim Leonard

      I have several disabled friends who need many more items than most others do, making a bugout BAG or bags
      almost too big to manage. Please advise, have found no articles that address this. They are all able to walk,, but not able to carry all that is needed. What about using something similar to “rolling devises”that are used in airports when people have several bags to carry.

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