Podcast LogoToday on the show I have Todd Sepulveda of Prepper Website on with us and we’re going to cover some stuff he is doing in the preparedness community, answer some questions from members of the Apoco-List Facebook community and a whole lot more. In this first episode we talked about all there is to the Prepper Website, his other website Ed That Matters and Prepper Small Biz. These are all great websites for the preparedness community.

I want to say thanks to Todd for being on with me today, Todd does so much for the preparedness community and is a great example of why the prepper community is so great. not only does he run 4 websites and provide links to the latest articles around the internet, he is also a minister and an assistant principal.


Prepper Website

There is so much more to the Prepper Website than meets the eye. At first glance it can be a little daunting but that is just because there is so much information available. This website is not the typical blog, it offers links to blogs and websites that you might not have heard of and some of the newest posts around the internet.

One overlooked function of the Prepper Website is the search function in the top right corner, if you open the drop down menu you can search “prepper topics” and get a list of topics you are interested in. When you search for something like “first aid” on Google you are only going to get what they think you want. When you click “first aid” on the prepper website you will get a list of articles that have been posted on the prepper website in the past.

Have a look at this video about how to get the most out of the Prepper Website. The video is a little old and somethings have changed, but it will still give you a better idea.

Ed That Matters

This is a website that Todd can post full articles and has a better look and feel than the Prepper Website does. He also takes guest posts and has a few downloadable PDF documents on Ed That Matters. Visit EdThatMatters here.

Education after the Collapse Free eBook – This book is just as useful post collapse as it is now. If you have a kindergarden aged child that is struggling this book could help you understand how to help them. And if anything happened that was long term we would need to know how to teach children post collapse, even for those of us that are not teachers. Download the PDF here.

Aquaponics PDF and slideshow – This was created by Al Hodges and might not be for everyone, but if you are interested in aquaponics this is very detailed. Download the PDF here.

Prepper Small Biz

Prepper Small Biz is a fairly new website where you can find small business owners just like me and you with preparedness in mind. His idea for this website is based on helping small business owners in the preparedness community connect with like minded people in the community. You can find book reviews, product reviews and other small businesses who know where we’re coming from. Visit Prepper Small Biz here.

The Preparedness Review 3

If you don’t know that The Preparedness review is, I suggest you have a look. The third edition just came out and is well worth having a look at. TPR is a collection that Todd puts together twice a year and has some great articles for some of the best authors around the internet. Get your copy of TPR here.

One of the great things about The Preparedness review is that it is downloadable which could be useful in a SHTF situation. The latest version of TPR has articles like how to build a rocket stove, natural remedies for a cold, survival antibiotics and even a free emergency binder download from Food Storage Moms.

I also talked to Todd about how and if  he keeps his personal life desperate from work and he explains how we doesn’t separate it too much because he thinks it’s important to educate people about the situations we face today because he cares about them.

In the next episode we will get into more of the questions from the Apoco-List Facebook group. Todd is a great down to earth guy and I know you will enjoy episode 17 so make sure and look for that when it comes out.

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