This week in the show we talk to Jake about the basics of ham radio. This could be a very useful tool in a SHTF or post collapse situation, without radio broadcasts ham radio might be the only way to get any information about what is going on around the world.

Getting started with ham radio is not as intimidating as it seem at first. With a little bit of learning and finding some ham clubs in your area you can become fairly proficient with ham radio in no time. The cost of ham radio is also not as much as I thought it would be. You can get started using your ham radio for as little as $50 for a basic set up.

There are a bunch of links here but you can also go to the Prepper Website like I mentioned in the podcast and find some more information about ham radio. Click Here.


To get in touch with Jake you can go to where he is very active in the Communication group.

Some links from the show. Here you can take practice exams to help you get ready for the test. The practice exams are the same questions and the same format that you will actually see. The only difference is that the real exam is pencil and paper… This is the NRA of ham radio. You can find all kinds of useful info about every aspect of Ham Radio. This is where you will find the entire question bank (with answers) for your test free to download. You can also search to find local clubs and local HamFests. This is an online Ham Radio class.

Here is thebaofeng uv-5re that $40 radio Jake mentioned.

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