This week Lisa and I talk about getting out of the house and starting to work in the yard. While Lisa has been hard at work planning her garden and getting everything ready to go, I am a little behind the 8 ball so to speak. I have never taken more than just a passing interest in gardening over the years but this year I decided to build a greenhouse and learn more about what it takes to grow my own food and hopefully have a successful garden in a few months.


My plans for the near future are to put an aquaponics system in the greenhouse because I want to see if I can get the fish that are needed to survive through the winter. Hopefully I can get this system set up before the end of summer.

I say hopefully because this greenhouse has cost me a “little” more than I expected.

We also discussed a few other topics in this podcast…

  • Starting a compost pile
  • Insects, the good and bad
  • Different kinds of seed
  • Raised bed gardening

We also have a little competition going to see who can grow the best garden, or who can reap the most. Stay tuned to the podcast in the future to see who won.

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    1 Response to "SPP038 Gardening, Greenhouses and Cabin Fever"

    • GuyG

      Another great podcast. Thank you to both of you. I find myself looking forward to each new episode. Common sense and a realistick approach! Please keep up the good work.

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