SPP083 Make Ready to Survive InterviewToday on the show we have Fernando who is the president of Panteao Productions. We talked about Make Ready to Survive, The new video series from Panteao. Some of you may already know Panteao, and some of you might not. They have been around since 2010 and started off with videos centered around firearms Instruction and self-defense and have since moved into the preparedness field.


As I talked with Fernendo today we discussed what makes Panteao so different than the average YouTube video. In my opinion what puts them head and shoulders above anyone else are the extremely skilled instructors like Jim Cobb, Dave Canterbury, Massad Ayoob, Pat Rodgers and a whole lot more.

The production value of these videos is also outstanding, you can tell that there is a lot of time and energy that is put into making sure that final product is valuable to the end user (us) leaving us saying “that was cool!” After we watch it.

Notes From the Show…

  • We discussed what exactly Panteao Productions is…
  • Why did he start Panteao Productions. There are quite a few videos centered on firearms Instruction and self-defense.
  • The also have videos about firearms for the ladies.
  • As I was watching some of the videos I got stuck watching some of the blooper reels, If you join you have to check those out!
  • We also talked about some of the behind the scenes and how these videos were put together.
  • What makes Panteao better than the average youtube videos?
  • We talked quite a bit about the Make Ready to Survive video series and why they decided to do it.
  • How many videos are available now and what can people look forward too?

New to Prepping?

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The Preparedness Myth…

The preparedness Myth video series will also help even if you have been doing this for a while. It will give you tips about saving money, organization as well as a few bonuses along the way. Click here to watch the video.

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