Today Lisa and I talk about what Being “The Gray Man” actually is. Being invisible or flying under the radar nowadays is completely different than being the gray man in a SHTF scenario, but equally important. The things we do in our daily lives could lead to unwanted attention in a post collapse situation.

To be the gray man you need to be completely forgettable, people will remember you if you stick out like a sore thumb, but if you haven’t made an impression on them they will look in another direction if they find themselves in dire straights.


Situational awareness is critical in becoming the gray man, we need to understand our surroundings and how people are going to react…including us. We know that most people are going to panic in the event of a disaster and the more we know about the people around us the better our chances are.

Have a look at your neighbors home, what assumptions do you make about them? Have a look at your home from a neighbors perspective, how can you become more incognito?

We can’t be 100% sure how our neighbors will react in a crisis, but we can watch what they do and get a better idea. If we get to know our neighbors more without giving out too much information about ourselves we will have a better understanding about who will be your allies, and who is a threat.

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