In today’s show I talked about why the power grid is such a big concern for me and how the grid going down could cause a number of secondary disasters like Martial Law or terrorism.

Our power grid is basically a temporary power grid that has been pieced together for the last 100 years and we don’t manufacture the replacement parts here in the United States which is even more concerning because the transformers are only manufactured in China.


The American Power Grid

  • The grid is made up of a group private entities (utility companies)
  • An enemy can achieve an EMP attack without a high level of sophistication
  • Will affect everything, water sewage, cars, electronics, and communication
  • The question is not IF this will happen, but WHEN this will happen.
  • NASA says that another Carrington event is inevitable a 12% chance in the next decade
  • Super storms occur every 200 years, with the last storm striking in 1859, and scientists are preparing for the event which could paralyze communications networks including GPS and mobile phones

How To Prepare for a Grid Down Event

I also talked about how preparing for a grid down event overlaps with everything we are preparing for. When we plan for a natural disaster we plan for not access to food, water and shelter. The same applies to being off the grid, we will basically be living the same way people lived 150 years ago.

Cooking supplies, water filters, generators, faraday cage’s and alternative fuel sources are all things we need to think about and plan for.

Links From the Show

This website called Secure the Grid is a great source of information about the Power grid and it’s vulnerability.

Chris from has a great article about preparing for a grid down event here.

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