The Prepping Basics & Then Some With Ron Foster

Of all the prepper fiction authors out there, the few that catch my attention are the ones who actually live the lifestyle, and write because of their experiences. After reading a few chapters of any book, we can usually figure out if the author is the real deal, or if they’re just trying to make a buck.

Ron Foster is the perfect example of this type of author. Prepper first, prepper fiction author second. Ron has been an author for a number of years, but he’s lived the preparedness lifestyle long before the word “prepper” was coined. 

Ron has over 50 titles available on Amazon and Audible including his earlier books like The Longest Walk that we talked about today. We didn’t review the books so much, but rather talked about some of the incites we can gain from this book, as well as his others. 

SPP266 The Prepping Basics & Then Some With Ron Foster

For those of you who have listened to my podcast, you know I like to have a conversation with my guests rather than a structured interview, and today is no different. Ron and I talked quite a bit about his books, but we also went down a few rabbit holes. 

Topics Covered This Week…

In this weeks show Ron and I went over some of the prepping basics like skills, bugging out, supplies, trapping, EMP’s, CME’s, community and even solar ice makers. 

Preparedness & Survival Skills: As we all know, skills are more valuable than any supply we can buy. As Ron and I talked about in the show, this is because we don’t get to choose when and where a disaster will strike. 

Solar Ice Maker: This was the first rabbit hole we went down, but when Ron mentioned it I had to ask about it. This is surprisingly simple, and could you imagine what a luxury having ice in a SHTF scenario would be? Not only for a cool drink, but for air conditioning and food preservation as well.  

Community: Any sort of disaster scenario is going to be much to get through if we have a support group. Community is important because none of us can do everything, and we will need help if we get sick or injured.

SHTF Food: We can (and should) have a good stockpile of food storage to help in a disaster situation, but what happens when that runs out? Today we talked about trapping, gardening, and preserving food in a SHTF situation. 

Bug Out Vehicles: In Ron’s books he talks about quite a few different bug out vehicles. Boats, bikes, tractors, ATV’s etc. We talk about why it’s important to think about other options in a SHTF scenario rather than the typical bug out vehicle with welded armor, huge tires and a zombie killing plow on the front.

EMP/CME: The theme of his first book in The Longest Walk is a CME. we talked about how likely each may be, and what the damage would be. An EMP is high on my threat list not because of the likelihood, but because of the damage it would cause. 

Bugging in (Getting Home): Getting back to home base is a very real challenge we all face in the event of a disaster scenario. Most of us spend quite a bit of time outside the home, and we don’t get to choose when disaster strikes.  We cover strategy, planning, gear, strength in numbers, situational awareness, skills, and timing.

Bugging Out: Bugging out could possibly be the biggest topics in the preparedness community, while at the same time something none of us want to do. We also talk about why bug out bags are important and why skills are more important than supplies.

Taking Life too Seriously: Ron’s writing is a little bit different than a lot of the prepper fiction authors. Sarcasm and humor are a big part of his books. We talked about with prepping inherently being a depressing and scary subject, how to maintain humor and as positive an attitude as possible.

More About Ron…

To find out more about Ron you can visit his website here and find out what else he’s doing other than writing books, and where to find him on social media. Some of his books are available at Audible, but all of them are available at Amazon

Ron also has a Patreon page called PrepperShack where Ron talks about his books and prepping topics. Him and the narrator Pat make this very entertaining and educational as well. 


Survival and being prepared should not only be a passion, it should be a lifestyle. The definition of a prepper is "An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of, or prior to, any change in normal circumstances, without substantial resources from outside sources" Like the Government, police etc. I don't believe that the end of the world will be the "end of the world" I believe it will be the end of the world as we know it now. You can also find me on Google Plus and Twitter

    4 replies to "The Prepping Basics & Then Some With Ron Foster"

    • Maryse Le Duc

      I just love Ron Foster’s books I have all of them in paper and on my Kindle. I find it much easier to learn thrue stories than just bare facts then I go out and put in practice what he thought me, as far as I’m concerne he is the best author out there and recommend his books to all .

    • Gramma

      I just finished a book by Dick Wolf == THE ULTIMATUM.

      In it, the astute government agents determined the antagonist used an evil AR15 chambered in .25 Makarov.

      This week mentioned several times, despite the fact the firearm was mounted on a tiny drone… and neither the drone nor the firearm were ever recovered from the river.

      Well it’s a good thing those government agents are good at their job. Otherwise…

    • DJ Cooper

      Great interview. I think fiction is definately useful in preparing. Not only is it entertaining but can offer ideas and instruction.

    • Patricia Lambert

      Ron has such a vast knowledge of preparedness from his education and experience but is down-to-earth practical in his advice. In over 60 books, he has not repeated a trick yet- I call him the MacGyver of prepping! He always brings history and back-to-basics knowledge in all his stories making them interesting and memorable! Get them in paperback so you have them in print when the grid goes down!

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